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Shahnaz Husain: Empowering women on International Women’s Day 2024

As International Women’s Day approaches, Shahnaz Husain dedicates this day to the pursuit of gender equality and encourages women to believe in themselves, follow their dreams with faith and courage, and contribute to building a more inclusive and empowered society.

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 07, 2024 20:27 IST
International Women’s Day 2024
Image Source : INDIA TV Shahnaz Husain: Empowering women on International Women’s Day 2024

As the world gears up to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, the focus shifts towards the campaign theme of the year, 'Inspire Inclusion'. This theme aims to inspire individuals and promote the value of inclusivity, particularly in recognising the contributions of women towards creating a better world.

Commemorating women's achievements

International Women’s Day serves as a platform to honour the achievements of women across diverse fields while shedding light on the ongoing struggles for gender equality, justice, and the elimination of discrimination. It is a day to celebrate the significant milestones women have accomplished over the years, emphasising the importance of financial independence and self-reliance in women's empowerment.

Advocacy and empowerment initiatives

Renowned beauty mogul Shahnaz Husain has been at the forefront of advocating for women's empowerment through education and skill development. Her initiatives include providing free beauty training courses for the speech, hearing, and visually impaired, as well as supporting acid attack survivors. Additionally, her contributions to government skill development projects have empowered over 40,000 underprivileged women in the beauty and wellness sector.

Empowering women in every sphere

Reflecting on the evolving landscape for Indian women, Shahnaz Husain emphasises the importance of equal opportunities for women in education and careers. She underscores the potential of women to excel in various domains and stresses the need for changing societal attitudes towards gender equality. Husain encourages mothers to educate both their daughters and sons on respecting women, and advocating for gender equality and women’s rights.

Promoting digital education for gender equality

Looking ahead, Shahnaz Husain calls for collective efforts from women educators, technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs to advance digital education and improve women’s access to digital tools. She believes that innovation, creativity, and technology will play pivotal roles in achieving gender equality in the future.

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