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Beauty tips: Top 5 hair care tips to grow your hair faster

Hair care regime: Is your wedding approaching? Don't worry -here are sure-fire ways to grow your hair!

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk
New Delhi Published on: January 16, 2019 13:49 IST
Beauty tips: Top 5 hair care tips to grow your hair faster

Beauty tips: Top 5 hair care tips to grow your hair faster

Each one of us dream to have long, lustrous and shiny hair to flaunt especially on special occasions and when we talk about the wedding day, it becomes even more important to have smooth long hair. But one can't really wave a magic-wand to dramatically grow one's hair. That's exactly when we need a few conjuring roadways to speed up hair growth by a bit more than usual.

But before we give you some sure-fire ways to grow your hair quickly before your wedding day, here's a pro tip -starting a healthy and conscious hair-care regime at-least 5-6 months prior is a great idea.

Following are a few methods that will help you to grow your hair quickly!

Oil massage is an age-old miracle

Applying oil to the hair is a good way to increase blood circulation and also provide the much required moisture. Brides with already oily hair should apply oil once a week and if you have dry hair, you should apply hair oil at least twice a week.

Tip: Use a hairbrush with smooth and rounded bristles which will massage the hair and scalp without damaging them.

Don't do chemical in your hair

Regular shampoos contain a lot of chemicals which are as harsh as detergents. Using eco-conscious shampoos with no silicones, sulphites, parabels and colourant will work to lift away impurities without over-stripping. It helps in balancing hair's optimal moisture levels, leaving it healthier-looking and full of life.

Natural conditioners help

Going gaga over conditioners with natural plant based ingredients like coconut oil, Babassu oil and honey is a great way to promote hair growth. Using a natural product will slowly and steadily reduce fizziness, leaving them softer and manageable.

Don't over wash hair

Washing hair each day of the week may result in the removal of natural oils that can nourish one's scalp and promote hair growth.

External heat damage hair

The extreme heat from hair dryers can be an obstacle in growth of hair. While the bride-to-be is doing all the efforts to enhance hair growth, using a hair dryer for styling or just drying can make the hair roots weaker, resulting in breakage.

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