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Yoga for eyes: Swami Ramdev shows how to make magical eye drop at home

If you want your eyesight to be perfect or want to say goodbye to your spectacles forever, then learn from Swami Ramdev how to make this magical eye drop at home.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 02, 2020 16:07 IST

Yoga for good eyesight

The eyes are our window to the world and they do need utmost care. However, in today's time, due to poor lifestyle, exposure to TV, computer, mobile, etc, your eyesight gets disturbed which is a result of the light emitted from the same. Many people also get vision problems due to diabetes. Apart from this, children have to wear specs at an early age due to lack of nutrients or long exposure to devices and screens. In such a situation, if you want to improve your eyesight and say goodbye to eye glasses, then you should not miss this yoga sesion by Swami Ramdev. Not only does he show how to make this drop, Swami Ramdev also teaches yoga asanas for the problem of reduced eyesight which includes-- Anulom-Vilom, Shikhasana, Sarvangasana.

Here's how you can make this eye-drop at home:


  • White onion juice
  • Honey
  • Ginger juice peeled
  • Lemon juice


Take a glass bowl and mix 1 teaspoon white onion juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, one teaspoon ginger juice well. Now add 3 spoons of honey and mix it properly. Your eye drops are ready. You can use it after freezing it for a few days. With the help of eye drops, apply 1-2 drops in both eyes. It will have an effect on the eyes. With the use of this eye drop, along with increasing the light of the eyes, you will get rid of the problem of redness, burning, etc.


If you do not want to use too much bitterness in the eye or you want to put them in the eyes of children, then you can make the best drop with rose water and amla. For this, wipe the dried amla buds with a clean cloth. After this, put it in rose water and keep it for 24 hours. You can use it after 24 hours.

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