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FACT CHECK: Woman beaten brutally for refusing second marriage not from Jharkhand | CHECK HERE

A fake video is going viral on social media in which a woman is being beaten brutally. It is being claimed that the woman is being assaulted for refusing to marry again. But when India TV fact-checked it, the truth turned out to be different.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 New Delhi Updated on: April 10, 2024 15:02 IST
Snapshot from video
Image Source : X Snapshot from video

In the era of social media, countless numbers of fake news go viral on several internet platforms every day. These news are served with such content that common users easily trust them and share it further. One such fake news is going viral on social media is about a woman being brutally beaten. The viral video claimed that a woman from Jharkhand was brutally beaten for denying marriage to her elderly relative. However, in the fact check conducted by India TV, this claim has been found to be false and it did not belong to Jharkhand but Pakistan.

India Tv - Fake news on social media

Image Source : X/FACEBOOKFake news on social media

What viral claims

A video has been viral on social media for the past several days. In this video, a man is seen brutally beating a woman and dragging her by her hair. It is being claimed in the social media post that the woman's name is Zehra and she is being assaulted because she has refused to marry her old uncle (mousa). 

While sharing this video on Facebook, a user named Deepak Chowdhary wrote - "Jharkhand's Zehra's husband divorced her. Her family wanted Zehra to marry her widowed old uncle. She refused to marry the elerly man. Her whole family came together and beat her brutally. They broke Zehra's many bones and her condition is critical in the hospital." 

On X too, users named 'Sanatani Chacha' and Veer Singh have made a similar claim while sharing the video. Apart from them, many users have shared this video on various social media.

India Tv - Snapshot from geo.tv website

Image Source : GEO.TVSnapshot from geo.tv website

India TV investigated

The video was going viral on social media and users in large numbers reacted to it. So, we decided to examine the video. First of all, we took the help of Google Open Search and searched the news with the help of keywords related to this issue. When we investigated it further, we found out that this viral video was not from Jharkhand but from Sialkot, Pakistan. When we did a reverse image search, we found screengrabs related to this video are available in Pakistan media reports. According to the report of Pakistani Geo News dated January 9, 2022, the incident occurred in January 2022. According to reports, an elderly woman was allegedly tortured over a land dispute between two groups in Sialkot.

What was the conclusion of Fact Check?

India TV's Fact Check revealed that this video is not from Jharkhand but from Sialkot, Pakistan. And it is two-year-old video. The viral video which is being shared on social media with misleading claims is fake. Users are advised to beware of such fake posts.

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