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Fact Check: Has actor Ranveer Singh appealed to vote for Congress? Here's the truth of viral video

It is being claimed on social media that actor Ranveer criticised the Modi government over rising inflation and unemployment and has appealed to vote for Congress. But, in our investigation, we found the truth was different from what was being told in the viral video.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 New Delhi Updated on: April 20, 2024 13:36 IST
Ranveer Kapoor
Image Source : INDIA TV INDIA TV Fact Check

Every day thousands of videos or photos go viral on social media, but it is not possible for everyone to identify which of them is true or which is false or fake. This is the reason why many of us fall victim to this kind of fake news on social media. One such news about Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is going viral, in which it is claimed that the actor has sought votes for the Congress for the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

What was claimed?

Congress spokesperson Sujata Pal shared a video on her official account, in which she claimed that actor Ranveer Singh asked for votes for Congress, writing in the caption of this video, 'Vote for justice, vote for Congress'.

India Tv - Ranveer Singh

Image Source : INDIA TVINDIA TV Fact Check

In the video, the actor is seen saying," The purpose of Modi ji was to celebrate our miserable life and fear, our unemployment and unemployment and we are moving towards the era of injustice. We are growing at a fast pace, but we should never forget to demand development, justice, hence think before casting a vote." After the actor's purported statement, a voice comes in the video appealing to vote for justice and vote for Congress.

What did our investigation reveal?

This video of the actor was released on April 16, when Ranveer Singh went to Varanasi, so we found it easily on Google. We listened to this video completely and found that the actor has praised PM Modi for his work in Kashi and not appealing for votes for any party. It is clearly visible in the video that it has been tampered with, the 'VO's lip-syncing' is completely different from the actor's speaking style. It seems that voice cloning in this video has been used with the help of AI.


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