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Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy reveal the name of their twin babies on Janmashtami

Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy celebrated Janmashtami with a Naamkaran ceremony and revealed the names of their twin babies. Watch the adorable video.

Written By: Ridhi Suri @SuriRidhi New Delhi Published on: September 08, 2023 10:18 IST
Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/GAUTAM RODE Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy

Telly town's most popular couple Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Awasthy are cherishing the new phase of their lives, parenthood. The couple recently welcomed twins into their family. Now, on the occasion of Janmashtami they have finally revealed the names of their twin babies along with its significance. Taking to their social media, Gautam and Pankhuri shared a beautiful video from the Naamkaran ceremony, which they recently held.

Almost a month after the birth of their twins, Gautam and Pankhuri celebrated Janmashtami with a Naamkaran ceremony. The proud parents introducing their daughter as Radhya and their son as Raditya. In the video posted on Instagram, Gautam and Pankhuri's family members are seen rejoicing at the arrival of the newest members of their family, followed by the festivities and puja. To announce the names, the couple stood in front of a white and pink balloons decorated wall, which also had a yellow board that read, "NAAMKARAN SANSKAR". Gautam and Pankhuri burst the balloons to reveal their babies' names.

Sharing the video, the couple wrote a heartfelt long note, revealing the significance of the names, "Grateful for all of God's blessings with wide smiles, echoing laughter, a whole lot of dancing and our hearts full .. we along with our babies RADHYA and RADITYA wish you all a very Happy Janmashtami. 

Explaining the meaning behind their daughter’s name, the couple wrote, "RADHYA - One who is worthy of worship. Also an endearing name for Radha who in Hinduism is revered as the Goddess of Love, Tenderness, Compassion, and Devotion. She is the incarnation of Maha Lakshmi and also is the Mulaprakriti - the Supreme goddess, the embodiment of spiritual love and Krishna’s feminine counterpart and internal potency. In Sanskrit, Her name means prosperity, success, perfection. They say, Lord Krishna enchants the world, but Radhya enchants even him."

"RADITYA means Surya - the Sun. Ra is the ancient Egyptian deity of the Sun. One of the most important Gods in ancient Egyptian religion, Ra ruled in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld. He was believed to have ruled as the first pharaoh of Egypt. He was the God of the sun, order, kings and the sky. Ra in Sanskrit means Fire and strength. Aditya refers to the offspring of Aditi, the goddess representing infinity. In Sanskrit usage, all the Vedic Ādityas (Rig Veda - twelve in number and as bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless and perfect) metamorphosed into one composite deity, Surya, the Sun and all their attributes merged into that of Surya . Surya is the Lord of Simha ( Leo) Raditya in old Javanese (from Indonesia) - Ra +‎ Aditya , derived from Sanskrit words रवि +‎ आदित्य also means Sun or the light of the Sun or Sunday - the day of the Sun. Similar to Surya or Ravi being the basis of Ravivara , in the Hindu Calendar," the post read. 

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