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Aap Ki Adalat: Did Sunny Deol refuse to hug Amrita Singh? Here's what actor revealed

Sunny Deol in Aap Ki Adalat: Rajat Sharma asked Sunny Deol a rather personal question about hugging Amrita Singh, as he narrated a comment made by actor's father Dharmendra.

Aseem Sharma Written By: Aseem Sharma New Delhi Updated on: September 10, 2023 6:48 IST
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Image Source : INDIA TV Sunny Deol in Aap Ki Adalat

Sunny Deol in Aap Ki Adalat: The lead star of Gadar 2, becomes the latest celebrity to appear on popular show 'Aap Ki Adalat'. He faced several questions and accusation from India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Rajat Sharma. The 65-year-old actor is currently enjoying the success of his recent release Gadar 2, which became an all-time blockbuster and crossed the prestigious Rs 500 crore mark at the box office. 

Sitting into the witness box, Sunny Deol was asked a personal question about Amrita Singh, who was also one of the top female stars of her time. Sunny and Amrita made their acting debuts in the 1983 film Betaab. Talking about the same, Rajat Sharma asked him, "I was reading Dharam Ji's interview, where he said, he tried to teach Sunny  and asked you to sing the song 'Mausam Yoon Barasta Hai, Dar Kyun Mujhko Lagta hai'. He said he even told Sunny to hug Amrita Singh, but he refused?"

To this the actor replied, "It's not that it didn't happen. Basically, I'm a shy guy. I used to be shy since childhood. I say, every person has his own personality."

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Further the senior journalist asked, "Do you give jhappi (hug) now?" Sunny replied, "No, I mean, it's not good to give jhappi without any reason. I have changed a lot. I am changing with the times. I am now 65. If I don't change, then when?"

After Betaab, Sunny and Amrita became hit amongst the young audience and later the two were cast together for several projects including Kroadh (1990), Sunny (1984), and 23rd March 1931: Shaheed (2002).

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Watch the full episode here: 

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