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Arjun Kapoor, sister Anshula did not touch their mom's room for six years after her death

Arjun Kapoor said that it has been eight years since his mother Mona Shourie passed away but he still finds it difficult to come to terms with her death. 

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New Delhi Published on: May 22, 2020 7:58 IST
Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor further poured his heart out and said that he envies those who have mothers at home to go back to and share things

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor still misses her late mom Mona Shourie. Often in Instagram posts, the actor recalls the good old days spent with his mother. Arjun doesn't hesitate to go emotional and talk about the void that has been created in his life. Recently in a conversation with Zoom, Arjun revealed that he and his sister Anshula didn't touch her mom's room for six years after her death in 2012. Mona Shourie was producer Boney Kapoor's first wife. She lost her life to cancer.

Something that I can share now....we had not touched her room for six years. But then the point is, it’s not a normal thing to do, have one room completely locked up forever when you don’t have place in the house right? But it’s just that for me and Anshula, this house is her...So every day I go out make people happy, make myself happy, work, act in movie, celebrate being a star and there’s love and selfies, mazza aa raha hai, shooting kar rahe ho, your living the dream job. And then when you come back home, and I can’t tell her what I did. So it just feels like incomplete. Whatever I do in my life, that void will stay forever,” he said. 

Arjun further poured his heart out and said that he envies those who have mothers at home to go back to and share things. The actor said that it has been eight years but he still finds it difficult to come to terms with his mother's death. “I don’t know. It’s been eight years (since his mother passed away) but I am still not an expert on dealing with it. It’s not like I can give you any kind of take on it because every day is a new struggle. It’s like your backbone is broken and they tell you to walk. They just snapped your back and suddenly tell you to stand up and take care of yourselves, you got to be a man, be a boy, be understanding, be cool, be sophisticated, be young, be mature, take it with a pinch of salt, don’t react, get emotional, but don’t get too emotional. Everything is being told but you don’t have that stablity at home to do those things. So I envy those people who have that stability to go back home to their mothers because that makes a difference,” said Arjun Kapoor.

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Same 2 Same 💕

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I wish I could be at home like this today would have felt safe & maybe even smiled more than anyone has ever seen me smile. It’s been 8 years today since you left us Mom... the world has come to a standstill now but mine & @anshulakapoor s world was shattered when u left forget standing still.... we have tried to pick up the pieces some days are tougher than others though... I’ve managed to survive 8 years of being an actor & a working individual she’s also started her own business with @fankindofficial !!! Anshula more or less runs the house and I run to her if I need something in the house or in life... the world has changed Maa right now in this moment I wish I had you at home would have spent so much time with u that I couldn’t when I was trying to lose weight do my acting classes and when I was away shooting ishaqzaade during ur chemotherapy... would have tried to make up for the nonstop sprinting that I would have been upto and maybe taken u for granted... I love u Maa I miss u Maa... I miss having ur name show up on my phone to check up on me... I just hope wherever you are you are happy and watching over ur 2 brats 🤗

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Earlier, on Mother's Day, Arjun rambled his thoughts out loud in a video. "Lockdown I can handle lekin Mother’s Day & lockdown together thoda zyada ho gaya yaar," Arjun captioned his video on Instagram.

In the two-minute video, Arjun says that he was angry and irritated as Mother's Day is a bittersweet memory for someone like him. “It feels nice to see so many people who love their mothers, and I guess at the same time it’s bittersweet for somebody like me, who would want to say it, but can’t. I was a little angry and irritated, but eventually I realised that I wanted to put this out there. I’m sure a lot of people are without their parents right now. A lot of you are not connected to them, or not able to feel the warmth that you crave," the actor shared.

Emphasising on responding to your mom's call and giving her a hug, Arjun continued, “Trust me when I say this, phone utha ke baat kar lo, jab phone aaye toh ignore mat karo (pick up the phone and call them, don’t ignore them when they call you).”

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