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#21YearsofAapKiAdalat: A show contributing 'meaning' to the conversation amid masses and the classes

Playing mediator between you and the ones you admire or aspire is not easy. And Aap Ki Adalat has been doing the same for 21 years now.The show that bridged the gap between you and

India TV Entertainment Desk India TV Entertainment Desk Updated on: November 26, 2014 17:43 IST
21yearsofaapkiadalat a show contributing meaning to the
21yearsofaapkiadalat a show contributing meaning to the conversation amid masses and the classes

Playing mediator between you and the ones you admire or aspire is not easy. And Aap Ki Adalat has been doing the same for 21 years now.

The show that bridged the gap between you and the ones you consider as ‘celebs,' Aap Ki Adalat today is not just a long running TV show on some news channel, but a show that has witnessed the grandeur of Indian politics, travelled with the glamour of the industry and saluted the ones who brought pride to the nation.

Politics, entertainment, sports, health, defense and what not! Aap Ki Adalat has touched the roots and branches of almost every field one can recollect but most importantly it has touched you. Transforming and shaping the way all of us think and then molding our ideologies into a set of questionnaire to be replied by someone influential, the popular host Rajat Sharma has been doing for two decades now.

Sometimes just information, sometimes a few serious revelations, Aap Ki Adalat has kept us updated about affairs concerning us and issues that we want to connect with. The format of the show that has not yet been omitted holds significance in its process. A popular face, who sets himself ready to answer the allegations and arguments put on him by common masses, Aap Ki Adalat has its USP in being a platform of interaction rather than a monolog of a dignitary trying to justify his/her conduct of work.

Putting India TV ahead in a distinct zone, Aap Ki Adalat has contributed direction to the way common people want to communicate with the celebrities. Such is the reach of the show that not just a few intellectuals interested in knowing the news around, but people from each demographic pave interest in the show.

With great satires and ‘humorously serious' talks, Aap Ki Adalat has been running alone as one of the strongest pillars of the media industry. As part of the history and during the times when media industry was witnessing the highs and the lows in order to become the fourth pillar of democracy, Aap Ki Adalat stimulated a channel for public interaction.

Kick started in the year 1993, Aap Ki Adalat made itself a household name where it triggered both news and entertainment to the viewer. The magnificence of the show has trespassed every single possible hindrance in the road to deliver the best of what public demands from a talk show like Aap Ki Adalat.

The fact that the achievements of both the host Rajat Sharma and the show Aap Ki Adalat alike are discussed as case studies in the media and journalism lessons itself elaborates around the appeal that the show has effectively generated in the minds of people around the nation.

And the off-late instance of how a show namely ‘Aap Ki Adalat' strictly put an influential role in the 16th Lok Sabha elections is there for all to witness.

In an exclusive episode of Aap Ki Adalat, then BJP prime ministerial candidate and now the honourable PM of India, Narendra Modi came face to face with the general public. And while many controversies generated as the show went on air, wasn't it incredible to see the entire nation glued to their TV sets only to know what ‘Modi' (then just Modi) wanted to express?

As the man or ‘Iron Man' to be more precise (as he is popularly known by the name) made arguments, he also gently painted the entire picture of new India in front of the audience presented there and in front of myriads watching him on their small screens.

Being people's voice is one thing that most of the news shows do, but taking entire nation with you and carving one voice with the amalgamation of myriads who want to listen as well as be listened is something that Aap Ki Adalat has been doing since always.

For more than half of the Indians who comprise the younger lot today, the existence of media structure has never been without Aap Ki Adalat. Such charismatic allure the show has on people that it even becomes one of the most vital platforms for biggies to promote their ventures whether films or success.

Moreover, with one of its kind appeal, Aap Ki Adalat is the one show that has had the opportunity to be the expressions of people including the three influential Khans of Bollywood, Amit Shah, Nana Patekar, Amar Singh, late Pramod Mahajan, late Sunil Dutt, retired General V K Singh, Ramdev, Ghulam Ali, Virat Kohli, late Goopinath Munday, late Jagjit Singh, late Rajesh Khanna, Farooq Abdullah, Uma Bharti, Jaya Prada, Rakhi Sawant, Madini, Swami Agnivesh, Yasir Malik, Arvind Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Mallika Sherawat, Raj Thackery, Shashi Tharoor, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Vidya Balan and the list never ends.

Considering Abraham Lincoln's definition of democracy as he has said that “democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”, we say Aap Ki Adalat is a not just a show but an effort of the people, by the people and for the people to channelise a development of media!

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