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Rajasthan govt issues strict guidelines to curb suicide cases among students

The committee has recently released a report regarding the reasons behind increasing stress, mental pressure and suicides among students.

Adarsh Srivastava Edited By: Adarsh Srivastava @SriAdarsh_Voice New Delhi Published on: October 01, 2023 18:51 IST
Rajasthan govt, Rajasthan govt guidelines
Image Source : FREEPIK Rajasthan govt issues guidelines to curb suicide cases in Kota

The Rajasthan government has taken strict actions to curb suicide cases among students. In view of the increase in suicide cases, the Rajasthan government has issued important guidelines for coaching institutes, hostels and PG stays for students. Apart from this, the government has also formed a high level committee to deal with this problem.

The committee has recently released a report on coaching institutes regarding the reasons behind increasing stress, mental pressure and suicides among students. In the guidelines, the committee has asked to organise counselling classes for the students as well as the parents every three months.

Six Major Reasons Behind Suicides

According to the committee, these are the six major reasons behind increasing stress and suicides among students.

  1. Due to high competition in competitive exams and limited chances of success, syllabus and test paper being very difficult, mental pressure and disappointment is created among the students of coaching institutes.
  2. The burden of studies on children and the high expectations of their parents is more than their abilities, interests and capabilities.
  3. Change in behavior at a young age, staying away from family, lack of proper counseling and complaint redressal system.
  4. More assessment tests and making the results public, commenting on low marks of students and batch segregation by coaching institutes on the basis of results.
  5. Coaching institutes have very busy schedules and huge syllabus.
  6. Absence of holidays during studies, monotonous environment and lack of co-scholastic activities.

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Guidelines for Coaching Institutes

Considering all these reasons, the government has issued guidelines for coaching institutes which are as follows-

a. Do not encourage students to take admission in coaching before 9th class, if any student wants to leave coaching before 9th class then do not stop him and refund the remaining fees. Give admission to the student only after understanding his/her interests through screening test and counselling. Also counsel your parents. After admission, keep the parents informed about the progress of the child from time to time.

b. Assistant Test and Batch Segregation- Coaching institutes should not make the test results of the students public, keep the results confidential and analyze them at your own level. If the child is getting less marks or his academic performance is decreasing then seek counselling. Do not segregate batches at all on the basis of assessment test.

c. Gate-keeper training and monitoring system – Coaching institutes should get gate-keeper training done by WHO for all their staff including operators, teachers. Apart from this, establish conversation with the students.

d. Psychiatrists and counselors should be appointed.

e. There should be holidays and co-scholastic activities.

f. Easy-exit option and fee refund policy should be kept.

g. Publicity of Tele-Manas and other toll free helpline numbers: Tele-Manas toll free helpline numbers 1800894416, 14416 should be compulsorily shared among the students.

h. Code of Conduct- Important guidelines for the management, teachers and other staff of the coaching institute.

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Guidelines for Hostel/PG Operators

The government has also issued some important guidelines for hostel/PG operators, which you can read below-

Government has mentioned in guidelines that children should not be kept more than the capacity and after leaving the PG or hostel, the rent for the remaining period and mess charges should be refunded on monthly basis.

Along with this, helpline number should be written at the entry-exit gate and CCTV cameras should be installed. The privacy of girl students should not be violated in any hostel or PG. Suggestion or complaint box should be installed in hostels and PGs and information about the e-complaint portal established by the district administration should be given. Biometric and physical attendance of students will have to be taken daily. Only female wardens should be appointed in girls' hostels etc.

Kota Suicide Cases

Following reports of student suicides continuously emerging from Kota, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot spoke with coaching operators on August 18 and formed a high level committee on August 24 to find a solution. The responsibility of this committee was given to the Government Secretary, Higher and Technical Education. After this, the committee interacted with different departments, stakeholders and coaching students, parents, coaching operators, doctors, hostel/PG operators, administrative officers of various districts, NHM team, teachers etc. and after thoroughly studying their suggestions, Prepared the report. This report has been accepted by the Rajasthan Government. The government has issued this guideline on the basis of the committee report.

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