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As it happened: Apple launches iPhone X with FaceID, wireless charging at $999; iPhone 8 at $699, iPhone 8 Plus at $799

The long wait of tech lovers ended on Tuesday as Apple unveiled its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 8. Along with it, the company is also launched iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K

India TV Tech Desk Reported by: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Updated on: September 13, 2017 1:40 IST
iPhone 10 or iPhone X
iPhone 10 or iPhone X

The long wait of tech lovers finally came to an end on Tuesday as Apple unveiled its next flagship smartphone – iPhone 8. Along with it, the company is also launcehd iPhone X (iPhone 10), iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV 4K. 

As suggested earlier, “anniversary edition” iPhone 10, which comes a decade after Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first version, will cost USD 999.

The iPhone X gives the traditional Home button a miss, and comes with bezel-less display, face recognition feature, wireless charging and much more that make it different from all other smartphones. It also features the all-new 'animoji'

iPhone 8 has been launched at a starting price of $699 whereas the iPhone 8 Plus will start as $799. 

The launch event took place at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Apple Park, Cupertino. 

Here are the highlights from the iPhone 8 launch event:

12:15 am IST: iPhone X comes in 64GB and 256GB and starts from $999. Order from October 27 and will ship from November 3

12:02 am IST: iPhone comes with 'animoji' that works will use sensors to create custom 3D ‘animojis’ of unicorns, robots, pigs and many more

12:02 am IST: 1 in a million people could use their face to unlock your iPhone X. This was 1 in 50,000 for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. That means Face ID is much more secure

12:01 am IST: Face ID won't be spoofed by photographs, Schiller says. It won't be easy to beat it

11:59 pm IST: iPhone X comes with True Depth camera system which has flood illuminator, infrared camera, speaker, microphone among other things

11:58 pm IST: Every time you glance at your iPhone, even in the dark, all these sensors start working to map your face and unlock the iPhone X.

11:56 pm IST: iPhone X is locked until you look at it and it recognises you. This is called Face ID

11:54 pm IST: iPhone 10 comes without Home button. All you need to do is swipe up from the bottom to go to the home screen 

11:52 pm IST: 5.8 inches diagonal. 2436x1125 pixels. 458 pixels per inch

11:52 pm IST: The glass and stainless steel form a continuous fit from front to back. It has water and dust resistance. It has two finishes - space grey and silver

11:50 pm IST: Cook announces launch of iPhone X, or iPhone 10

11:49 pm IST: iPhone 8 will be available in 64GB and 256GB, starting at $699. iPhone 8 Plus will also be available in the same two storage variants from $799. Pre-orders begin September 15 and it will be available from September 22. iOS 11 ships on September 19

11:48 pm IST: iPhone 8 GB will start with 32GB, 256 and 512 GB

11:45 pm IST: Both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus come with wireless charging

11:40 pm IST: Cameras are caliberated for 'augmented reality'

11:39 pm IST: Both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus can shoot at 4K, 60 frames per second 

11:36 pm IST: iPhone 8 Plus has better Portrait Mode pictures as well.

11:32 pm IST: The iPhone display gets the True Tone technology that's there in the iPad Pro 10.5". They have new stereo speakers too, with deeper base and 25 percent louder sound.

11:30 pm IST: 4.7 inch in iPhone 8 and 5.5 inch in iPhone 8 Plus

11:29 pm IST:  Comes in Silver, Space Grey, and Gold finish.

11:25 pm IST: Cook announces launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

11:22 pm IST: Apple TV 4K starts at $179 for 32GB.

11:19 pm IST: Apple TV runs the latest version of TVOS

11:17 pm IST: 4K movies will be available at the same price as HD. If you bought movies at HD they'll automatically be upgraded to 4K HDR at no extra charge.

11:16 pm IST: Apple TV supports HDR 10 and Dolby Vision

11:10 pm IST: Cook announces launch of Apple TV 4K

11:06 pm IST: Two versions of Apple Watch 3 will available in nine countries

11:06 pm IST: Series 3 has a new band called Sport Loop

11:04 pm IST: The display itself is the antenna for LTE on Apple Watch Series 3. An electronic SIM is in there, which is smaller than even the nano-SIM

11:02 pm IST: You don't have to carry your iPhone with the Apple Watch any more. You don't have to manage a separate number, just the same one as your iPhone

11:01 pm IST: There's a barometric altimeter too for flights of stairs climbed

11:01 pm IST: Series 3 comes with dual core processor to make it really really fast. For the first time, it comes with SIRI

11:00 pm IST: Apple Watch Series 3 can stream up to 40 million songs, access to any radio station

10:57 pm IST: watchOS 4 will be available to all Apple Watch users on September 19

10:56 pm IST: Apple Watch will notify you when it detects an elevated heart rate and you don't appear to be active

10:51 pm IST: Cook says Apple Watch grew over 50 per cent year-on-year. Apple Watch is the number one in the world!

10:50 pm IST: 

10:47 pm IST: Cook announces launch of Apple Watch 3

10:46 pm IST: A video showcasing Apple's creative retail strategy tells us Apple is changing its retail experience

10:45 pm IST: "500 million people visit Apple Stores everyday" - Angela Ahrendts

10:44 pm IST: "Today at Apple" is a new in-store experience at Apple stores that helps people learn how to use various features on iOS devices. Its a "fun, social way" to do so, Ahrendts says

10:42 pm IST: Angela Ahrendts, who heads that department at Apple gives retail updates ahead of the launch

10:41 pm IST: Apple Park is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

10:41 pm IST: The park itself was converted from a sea of asphalt into a 175 acre green space with 9000 trees, Cook says.

10:39 pm IST: Tim encourages people to donate to help those suffering due to the hurricanes

10:38 pm IST: 

10:37 pm IST: His philosophy will always be in the DNA of Apple, says Cook

10:36 pm IST: He says Jobs' dream vision behind Apple Park was to create an all-different work environment 

10:35 pm IST: Tim Cook tells about Steve Jobs' dreams. He tells how he believed on talented people to do the best work. 

10:32 pm IST: The launch event kicks off. Tim Cook addresses the audience. 

10:29 pm IST: 

10:25 pm IST: The Apple Livestream is now live. Minutes to go for the event to begin

10:21 pm IST: Event to start any moment now

09:49 pm IST: 

09:47 pm IST: People throng the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park. The event is about to start.  

09:37 pm IST: 


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