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Weekly Horoscope May 23-29: Goddess Lakshmi will bless people of THESE 5 zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope May 23-29: Chirag Daruwalla, who happens to be the son of India's famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla shares the astrological predictions for the upcoming week. Be it finance, love or health, he has predicted how days starting from Monday till next Sunday will be for THESE zodiac signs.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Edited by: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Updated on: May 23, 2022 12:52 IST
Weekly Horoscope May 23-29: Goddess Lakshmi will be blessing people of THESE 5 zodiac signs
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Weekly Horoscope May 23-29: Goddess Lakshmi will be blessing people of THESE 5 zodiac signs


  • Taurus will pay full attention to the respect of the elder members of the house
  • Cancers should stay away from wrong activities
  • Scorpios will have a good time with their family

Weekly Horoscope May 23-29: There are great measures that can be taken to make your week great. Let us know about them from Chirag Daruwalla, popularly known as 'Astro Friend Chirag.' Chirag Daruwalla happens to be the son of India's famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla and he also has more than 12 years of experience in this field.


You will take decisions this week by being practical, it will enable you to achieve every difficult goal through hard work. Sitting with children and solving their problems will boost their self-confidence. This week, coming up with old negative things can make the present a mess. So work with understanding and engage in positive activities this week. It is important to keep in mind the budget when shopping online. Trade can be a state of hard work and diligence this week. Family atmosphere can be pleasant this week. Do not neglect your health this week.


This week you will spend more and more time in your personal and interest activities. There will be a lot of peace of mind and relief. Also pay close attention to the respect of the elder members of the household this week. Due to any of your stubbornness or ego, the relationship with the mother party can be bad. It is better to have a friendly attitude than to be angry with children for any negative activities this week. The time is not right for any decision regarding business partnership. Your home atmosphere will be normal as soon as possible. Gas and constipation can cause many health problems this week.

Gemini: -

This week the planet conditions are favourable. Be more confident in your own efficiency and worth than others. This will make the situation better this week. Getting some important information can solve a problem. Don't let negative things dominate you this week. Keep your routine organized with understanding and calmness. There can be any kind of disagreement with a close relative regarding money. There may be more work in the field. The income situation will be good. Disclose any of your problems to your spouse or family members. Take care of your health as well as hard work this week.


This week will be a solution to the worries and anxieties that have been going on for some time. You will have the ability to do every task at your expense. Your faith and interest in the spiritual realm will make your personality more positive. Stay away from wrong activities, as there may be some trouble while sitting. Borrowed money is not expected to return. So stay away from false arguments. In business, results can be obtained according to the mind this week. Home atmosphere can be maintained happily. To maintain good health, consume maximum amount of Ayurvedic products.


There will be more work for you this week. Success will also bring relief. You will be able to make sound and important decisions in the right way financially. Young people can achieve good results according to their work. Stay away from people with negative activity. Discernment is needed to keep a relationship strong. At this point there may be some kind of disagreement with the brothers. The hasty decision in business activities this week may prove to be wrong. You will have a good time with your family even though you have a lot of work to do. Your health will be fine this week.


You can succeed in achieving any of your goals this week. So respect the value and importance of time. Any major work related to the property may also be completed. Avoid excessive activity in outdoor activities this week. Be aware that interfering with anyone's personal life can also lead to insults. Be careful when dealing with new parties and new people in business this week. Husband and wife will keep in touch with each other this week. Spend some time for your own relaxation to avoid physical weakness and fatigue.


Positive: - Your cooperation in solving the problem of a close relative will be appropriate. No challenge will come; however, you will be able to face it with your confidence. Knowing something negative from a child can be frustrating. Borrowing money will not be suitable for anyone at this time. This can make your financial situation worse this week. For business front, your work will require more effort this week. The harmony between husband and wife will be well maintained this week. Do not take too much stress; its effect can increase the problem of blood pressure.


This week the social boundaries will increase and you will be engaged in a variety of activities. Your efforts will be successful in completing any task this week. You will have a happy time with your family. This week, disputes with neighbours over common issues. Control your anger and speech. It is important to keep an eye on the child's movements and company. The time is not right for any important business decision to be made. Your family life will be happy during this week. There will be physical and mental fatigue due to excessive workload this week.


The week is generally fruitful for you. Strengthen your diplomatic and social contacts this week. Trying can accomplish a catchy task. Don't let problems dominate you this week. Be aware that any of your own mistakes can because you trouble. It is also important to control spending to keep the economy afloat this week. There may be some problems in business this week. Tell your family about your problems this week. Your health can be fine this week.


Positive results will be obtained from work related to family and finance this week. Relief can also be found from the ongoing upheaval this week. Spending some time with experienced and religious people will bring about a positive change in your thinking. This week, do not allow differences to arise in relations with neighbours. Handle the situation with patience and restraint. Damage to an electronic item in the home can lead to high costs. Exercise caution when dealing with any stranger. There can be a dispute between husband and wife regarding the arrangement of the house. Your health will be good this week.

Aquarius: -

Most of the time will be spent on completing personal and family work. An ongoing dispute with a close relative will take away your effort. Spending some time in activities of interest will bring peace and tranquillity. Due to the change in time, it is necessary to improve your daily routine this week. A close relative can cause some disruption in your activities this week. Spending some time with children will boost their confidence this week. Try to get as much information as possible about media and online activities. Do not place misunderstandings in marriage. Pay attention to the advice of experts to stay positive in the current situation.


Spend some time in religious and spiritual activities to stay positive. It will also improve your personality and your ability to make decisions. Don't get into arguments with other people. Otherwise, you may get into trouble while sitting. Students will feel a little frustrated by the failure of a project. Financially this week will be good for you. Husband and wife do not place differences in each other's relationship this week. Excessive work can increase muscle and cervical pain.