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Weekly Horoscope (Jan 23 to Jan 29): Gemini to make profits in business, Libra must be careful of opponents

Weekly Horoscope (Jan 23 to Jan 29): Know weekly astrology predictions for all 12 zodiac signs from Chirag Bejan Daruwalla for this week. Find out if you should go ahead with big business decisions or consider a marriage proposal.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Written By: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Updated on: January 23, 2023 7:22 IST
Weekly Horoscope: Know predictions for all zodiac signs
Image Source : INDIA TV Weekly Horoscope: Know predictions for all zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope (Jan 23 to Jan 29): As we enter a new week, new opportunities await for multiple zodiac signs like Gemini, Cancer and Leo among many others. They can hear some good news and make financial profits. However, the planetary changes may not be in favour of Pieces and Libra. They must pay attention to things around them. Know more weekly astrology predictions for all 12 zodiac signs from Chirag Bejan Daruwalla for the week of January 23 to January 29.  


Ganesha says responsible behavior in the family will make you eligible for praise. Positive thinking can bring color in a new direction. The mind can be worried due to not being able to work properly in important areas. Good progressive thoughts can influence the mind. The mind can be happy with some good news that came suddenly this week. Any important work stuck for a long time is likely to be solved this week. The means of income will be accessible. This week, due to an obstruction in some important work, your mind may be worried. There can be intensity in old relations but avoid slander and stigma. Your serious nature can reduce emotional exchanges in a relationship.


Ganesha says old problems will be conquered. Professional busyness will come in the way due to a lack of time for personal needs. Some new doubts can create bitterness in your old relationships. This week it is important to be cautious about your spouse's health. In times full of worries, some good possibilities will also be seen. The grip on governance may remain strong this week. Will take advantage of intellectual ability in the workplace. Difficulty in traveling for some important work is possible this week. Proximity to sycophants can be harmful. Don’t take any decision in haste this week.


Ganesha says divine faith will increase. Your attraction towards a new business will increase. You can take advantage of good opportunities this week by controlling your prejudiced mind. This week's time can be favorable for people associated with governance. This week's ambitions will excite you for positivity. Too many responsibilities at once will bother the mind. Suffering is possible from the work done with passion. The mind can be worried due to someone being unwell in the family. Beware of secret enemies masquerading as friends. New business relationships may intensify this week. Will be popular with creative works. Support from parents and seniors can be obtained. The job environment will be pleasant.


Ganesha says one can get the benefit of hard work in the field of livelihood. Good success can be found in the field. Will be interested in new works. You may find some change in the job status of government employees pleasant this week. There will be concern about the happiness and sorrow of the family members. Control sensitivity and anger. Minor health-related problems are possible this week. You will be worried about arranging proper resources to meet the increasing responsibilities. There is a possibility of disease in a superior person in the family. This week success will be achieved in the areas attempted. This week, students may be a little worried about their careers.


Ganesha says new schemes can be taken care of for economic strength. Due to some unpleasant things, you are likely to get bitter in the relationship. Due to continuous hard work on the job, your mind may remain upset. May good wishes awaken in your mind this week. The activism of politicians will increase. Learners can get benefit from planetary compatibility. Material comforts will increase. This week you will increase the intensity of close relationships with your tact. Favourable conditions in the workplace can make the mind happy. This week there can be busyness related to social concerns. Your talent can shine in the professional field. Students' minds can be engaged in their studies.


Ganesha says some financial problems will trouble you. Work patiently in odd circumstances. Suddenly everyone in the house can be happy with some good news. There is a possibility of a change of place of government employees. Manglik work is possible at home. Will get the company of elders. Completion of important futile tasks can be hindered. Before investing in a new business, take the advice of an expert. Planetary compatibility for students can make their hard work worthwhile. There can be some arguments with the borrowers. This week the mind surrounded by negative worries will remain focused in the shelter of God. Laziness can deprive you of important benefits. 


Ganesha says some important stalled work will be completed. Students' mind may be more engaged in continuous hard work. It is time for a big change. Marriage of unmarried is possible. Old problems will be solved. The mind can be restless in realizing your ambition. Be careful of opponents in the workplace. Efforts in the field of education can be intensified. The job environment will seem a bit distasteful for government employees. Intensity will increase in love relationships. Some strange desires can affect the mind. Stop living in fantasies this week and try to walk in favor of the material world. Do not waste time on unnecessary work. Put your mind to something creative this week.


Ganesha says busyness will increase at any religious event. You will get success in the field of effort. Long-distance travel is possible. Some auspicious hopes will communicate new enthusiasm. This is a time of major changes in the economic sector. Good plans will bring success. There will be some important successes. Make a balance between expenses and income this week. Do not do any work in haste otherwise, mistakes may happen. Control childish nature as it affects your image at the workplace. Proximity to high-level people can be very beneficial for you this week. Getting the affection of family members can give a feeling of pleasant enthusiasm. Long-distance travel is possible.


Ganesha says with the implementation of some new schemes in the economic sector, the chances of progress will increase. Proximity to high-placed people can lead to progress. The whole week will be very pleasant and auspicious. Political activism will increase. It's time for a big job change. Will pay attention to proper hard work from the point of view of education. Will be worried about the efficient fulfillment of any important responsibility this week. Progress is possible through activities this week. Will implement new schemes enthusiastically. Proximity to high-level people will increase. There will be an increase in the engagement and activism of politicians.


Ganesha says any auspicious event is possible in the family. Faith will increase in religious works. Due to the increase of some new responsibilities, you will be worried about fulfilling them. Make full use of the time. Expenditure is possible in important works. This week you may be worried about the happiness and sorrow of your family and friends. Discharging social work and being active in relationships can increase your popularity. Childish nature in a sensitive situation this week can affect the image in the workplace. It is possible to have a rift with a colleague on the job or with a loved one at home. Efforts made in the direction of education competition will be fruitful. The family atmosphere will be pleasant. Expenditure is possible in material comforts. 


Ganesha says good thoughts will reveal inner talents. Time will be favorable for politicians. Will make important plans meaningful. With increasing responsibilities, there will be pressure on the mind to fulfill them. Some new possibilities will provide amazing capabilities. Some obstacles may be faced in the workplace this week. Laziness is possible due to overworking in the workplace. The mind can be worried about the fulfillment of important responsibilities. Expenditure is possible in material comforts. The functionality will increase in popularity this week. Will get the benefit of high-level relations. Be aware of the health of your life spouse. Emotional support from parents will encourage.


Ganesha says it would be better to forget the past this week as it would bring sweetness to the relationship. Don't create bitterness in relationships due to an inferiority complex. Financial difficulties will trouble you. There is a sum of excessive expenditure in the fulfillment of material comforts. There is a possibility of mental distress from a relative or friend this week. Hard work can be intense for the meaningfulness of an important task. Accidental long-distance travel may have to be done this week. Some worries in the direction of education competition can be effective on the mind. This week, people associated with the government can get opportunities for profit. Efforts made for some important work will be meaningful this week. It is possible to improve bad relations with the mediation of a friend this week. Proximity to eminent persons will increase.



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