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Weekly Horoscope (Feb 6 to Feb 12): Taurus to get relief from leg pain, Cancer must take care of health

Weekly Horoscope (Feb 6 to Feb 12): Cancer must take special care of their health during this week and consume a lot of fruits. Know what the stars have to say about people of all zodiac signs.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Written By: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Updated on: February 05, 2023 7:42 IST
weekly horoscope
Image Source : INDIA TV Weekly Horoscope (Feb 6 to Feb 12): Know the astrology predictions

Weekly Horoscope (Feb 6 to Feb 12): In the second week of February, stars will have a major influence on health, monetary matters and professional ups and downs in the life of all zodiac signs. The stars will align in a new pattern bringing luck for some while making things difficult for others. As per the predictions of astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla, know how the coming week will be for people of all zodiac signs and by what measures you can make it better. 


Ganesha says the beginning of this week will be good in terms of health. You can also decide to join the gym this week. If you are working in the government sector, then this week is going to be important and good for you. Because during this week you are likely to get benefits and rewards from the government, due to which you will get a good level of profit. You need to understand that procrastination never helps anyone. Even if it is a less important work of the family or not. Because this week a lot of family work will be accumulated, completing which can bother you a lot later. However, try to take advantage of every opportunity after thinking carefully. Because you may not be able to earn as much profit, which you are entitled to, by being swayed by emotions. Students who are dreaming of going abroad for education will get admission in their favorite school and college from this auspicious sight of planets.


Ganesha says this week you will be able to get relief from leg pain, sprain, and joint pain. Especially for those who are above 50 years of age, this week can prove to be auspicious. This week you will get respect in society, although the health of your siblings may remain weak during this time. On which you will have to spend some of your money. But during this time, while fulfilling all the family responsibilities, you will also work to get your respect at home. Professionally, this week is likely to prove to be very good for the natives of your zodiac sign. With this, you can get full support of luck in your field of work and career. Students will get good results in the field of education this week. Because during this time you will get the fruits of your previous hard work, due to which you will be seen performing better in the examination. However, for this, you will need to pay maximum attention to your studies as well.


Ganesha says this week you have to understand that as long as money is lying in front of you, your expenses will keep increasing at the same rate. In such a situation, before all the money is over, you have to keep your extra money in a safe place from where it is not easy for you to withdraw it. For this, you can also give that money to your parents. Because by using this money in the coming time, you will be able to save yourself from many financial problems. Your participation in social events will give you an opportunity to come in contact with many influential people in society. In such a situation, do not let all these opportunities go out of your hands and try to take full advantage of them. This week in the office, it would be appropriate for you to deal with others understanding every kind of situation. Because there is a possibility that such a situation may arise, where you may say something forcefully, due to which you may get yourself in trouble. This week, the good marks of a child in the family can create a sense of competition in your mind. After which the time you were earlier wasting watching more TV or playing sports, you will be seen putting it in the right direction by studying. 


Ganesha says if you want your body to be healthy, then this week you should consume fruits regularly. Along with this, a walk in the park in the morning can also help you keep your health fit during this time. So take care and enjoy good health. You will gain money this week, but you will not be happy with that money. The money received will be less than your expectation and it is possible that you will be disappointed. In such a situation, it would be necessary to understand that no matter what a man gets, his desires do not diminish. That's why you need to learn to be happy with so much money. This week you will need to rectify your habit of arguing with others, having differences, or finding fault in the actions of others. This week in the office, you will not get good results as per your wish. Because it is possible that someone close to you may cheat you for his own benefit. If you were planning to take admitted to a good educational institution, then this whole week you will have to intensify your efforts. Otherwise, you may miss the chance to take advantage of many good opportunities.


Ganesha says this week you will get some news related to the ill health of a family member. In financial life this week you will find yourself in exciting new situations. This will not only give you financial benefits at a good level, but your financial condition will also appear to be stronger than before. If you were planning to meet a close relative for a long time, then there are chances of its completion this week. Because there is a possibility that you will get an opportunity to visit his house or it is also possible that he may make a sudden arrival at your house. Because of this, you will get a chance to eat good and tasty food. At the beginning of this week, due to any old investment, businessmen may suffer a big loss. Therefore, it would be better for you to prepare yourself in advance for every adverse situation to come. This week students may face many problems in understanding their lessons or subjects. In such a situation, even if you don't want to, you will avoid taking help from anyone in front of your ego. Although you should not do this you will need to take the help of elders to get better results.


Ganesha says health-related problems can bother you this whole week. Due to the tight financial situation this week, some of your important work may get stuck in the middle. Due to this, some big loss is possible for you. In such a situation, if possible, complete your incomplete work by taking financial help from a bank or a close friend. This week, all your plans can get disturbed due to the sudden arrival of any new responsibility related to family and home. During this time you will feel so trapped in household chores that you may also feel that you are doing more for others and less for yourself. Because of this, some anger can also be reflected in your nature. This week many businessmen can think of giving a new direction to their business. However, taking more risks now can prove to be harmful to you. Therefore, it would be imperative for you to seek expert advice while making any decision regarding any change. This week, the career graph of many students will suddenly be seen reaching heights. This will also increase your prestige in the family. Along with this, with the blessings of the elders of the house, you can get some such material of education, which you have been waiting for a long time.


Ganesha says this week is going to be slightly better than normal for your health in terms of the health of the native of Libra. Especially the beginning of the week will be good because at this time you will find yourself mentally and physically very healthy. At this time, you will maintain contact with many respected people in society. You will be seen building your strategy and new plans from your various experiences. Which will help you to invest your money smartly and wisely in the future. This week will bring progress in your career, but you are advised to take special care that whatever work you do during this time, see and understand it well. Apart from this, if you want to talk to senior officers and superiors, do it yourself, not through anyone. Because only then you will be able to give your best performance. If you were trying to get admission to a foreign university, then this week you will have to wait longer due to the unfavorable position of planets and constellations. However, during this time you will be seen making your efforts with more caution. The strict and rude nature of your spouse towards you for the past several times can make you feel uncomfortable this week. Along with this, your partner's anger towards you will also be seen at the dining table, due to which you may face problems.


Ganesha says those elders of this zodiac who were troubled by the problem of joint pain or back pain, their health will be better this week due to proper eating and drinking. In such a situation, do yoga regularly while taking good food. The position of the planets is also indicating that there is a possibility of some unwanted expenses during this period. There will be a change in your life due to the steady increase in your income. The effect of these expenses will not be visible and you will be able to spend some money on your comforts. This week you will be seen imposing your suggestions and your views on friends and relatives. It can prove to be very beneficial not only for your image. Rather, by making others angry, you can make them stand against you. This week will prove to be very auspicious for the people of Scorpio in terms of career. This week you will be successful in staying in the hostel. Students staying in boarding schools will need to work harder while being a little extra careful. Because only then you will get auspicious results. On the other hand, if we talk about those students who are thinking of going abroad for studies, then they can also get the good news of admission to a foreign college or school from close relatives or friends after the middle part.


Ganesha says your confidence will also increase due to your good mood this week. Due to your good health, you will take special care of your health as well as the health of your family members. In such a situation, you will need to take good food and drink regularly, avoiding the consumption of cold things. This week, you may not get as much profit from any investment as you thought. But this profit will satisfy you to a great extent and with the help of this you will be able to decide to invest in your business. If you follow the right strategy, you can double your money very quickly. You may feel somewhat depressed this week due to the bad or turbulent environment at home. This week many businessmen can decide to make a good investment with the help of a close friend or friend. However, before investing anywhere, you need to know every detail about it. Also, if needed, you can take the help of an expert or an elder in this. For the people of your zodiac, this week will be less than normal for matters related to education. During this time you may face some challenges while practicing the syllabus. Due to this, you may also find it difficult to concentrate on your studies.


Ganesha says if you want to lead a happy life this week, you will most likely need to overcome your stubborn and obstinate attitude. Because this can spoil your good relations with others along with wasting your time. It is possible that this week your parents or your partner may ask you for money for some important work. Because of this, you will have to pay them money, but this will increase the chances of your financial condition getting worse. Your family responsibilities will increase this week, due to which you will be seen coming under mental stress. In such a situation, instead of getting upset by thinking and anticipating the adverse situations, keep trying to prepare yourself for them. This week you may find it difficult to move forward with accuracy in your career. But considering yourself paramount, you will prevent yourself from taking help from others at this time. There will be a possibility of many changes in the behavior of the students this week, due to which the students of this zodiac can have a dispute with their teachers. However, he needs to avoid such fights, or else his image among other teachers and your other classmates may get tarnished. Because of this, you will keep yourself deprived of their help and cooperation in the future also.


Ganesha says your life may seem wonderful to friends and family members, but you will be sad and sad inside because of some recent incident this week. According to your moon sign, Saturn is present in the first house for you. There is a possibility of a loss of money this week, so keep yourself alert as much as possible in matters related to all kinds of transactions. This week, the sudden health of many members of your family can put you tension and worry. Therefore, keeping in mind the cleanliness of the house from the beginning, avoid making more spicy food at home. The presence of many planets in your zodiac this whole week can prove to bring good results for professionals. For those who are thinking of starting a new business apart from their main business or service, this time period can also prove to be good for them. Knowing your educational horoscope, students preparing for competitive exams will get successful in their exams. During this time your family will also be seen encouraging you, as well as you will receive a good book or key to knowledge as a gift from any of your teachers or gurus. To maintain peace in your married life this week, you will need to keep yourself calm in every situation even if you don't want to.


Ganesha says due to its effect this week, you should be careful about your health and not be careless about even the smallest problem. According to your financial horoscope, the natives of your zodiac are especially advised not to lend or borrow money from anyone this week. Because this time is showing you a strong possibility of financial gain. Because of this, you can make up your mind to give money on a loan to your acquaintances. If you do family business then this week you can get desired results. Also if you have recently started a business with your family then you should avoid investing in one go and need to invest slowly and wisely. Because this will help you to improve relations with your family members and take the right decisions with their help. If you focus on your work in spite of all the troubles, then definitely success and prestige will be yours. Control your mind and try to lead yourself in the right direction. This week, the career graph of many students will suddenly be seen reaching heights. This will also increase your prestige in the family. Along with this, with the blessings of the elders of the house, you can get some such material of education, which you have been waiting for a long time.

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