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Jupiter Retrograde 2022: Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus will benefit financially, know positive effects on zodiacs

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 will bring positivity to most of the zodiac signs. However, certain measures need to be followed. Know about the Guru Vakri in Pisces and how to make the most of it.

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: July 28, 2022 20:02 IST
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Jupiter Retrograde 2022: The planet Jupiter is considered to influence people's education, married life, wealth and prosperity. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces on July 29 will have a positive effect on most of the zodiac signs. Know who will benefit during this time and how to make the best of it by following simple measures.


The retrograde of Jupiter in Pisces will be good for Aries. There are chances of increasing prestige in the job. You can buy a new building. There will be progress in the business. Amenities will also increase. Attempts made for foreign travel or foreign citizenship will also be prosperous.



The retrograde of the planet Jupiter brings Dhan Yoga (money) for Taurus. This means that your source of income will increase. A change in the movement of Jupiter can increase your earnings. Traders will make money. There will be opportunities for an increase in the work of the employed people.

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For Gemini, the reverse movement of Jupiter will bring happiness to your life. During this time a change in your job is also possible. There will be chances of promotion in the job. Chances of travelling to a foreign place can be made.


For the people of the Cancer zodiac sign, the retrograde of the planet Jupiter will bring an increase in respect. Happiness and prosperity can also increase. You may get a new job offer. Traders can get the benefit of investment. The family will get support.


This time is favorable for Leos. There will be many new avenues of progress. 

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The reverse movement of Jupiter will be beneficial for the people of Virgos. This is a good time to spend happy moments with family. In married life, the relationship with the spouse will become strong. There can be financial gains in partnership-related business.


Attempts made for service or citizenship in foreign companies will be successful.


Newly married people can plan their future. Your relations with your children will improve and this will make you proud. This is a wonderful time for the students as they are concentrating on their studies. You will experience financial abundance and your own firm will generate income from multiple sources or sectors.


The retrograde of Jupiter is leading the people of Sagittarius to buy a new property. You can buy a new building or vehicle. Marriage is on the cards. It is the time for advancement in job and business. Life will be happy.


Changes will start in the life of the Capricorns. There may be a change of place for jobs, businesses, and studies. If you want to give a competitive exam then you will get success. Family support will continue.


For the people of the Aquarius zodiac sign, there will be financial gains in financial condition during this period. Married life will be happy. Spouse and family will get support. Marriage of unmarried people can be possible.


Pisces zodiac sign people are going to benefit from the retrograde of Jupiter in Pisces. First of all, you can increase your income, which will strengthen your financial side. There will be challenges in business but they will also pave the way for progress. Expenses may increase in religious work. Health will have to be taken care of. You can get rid of debt etc.

(With inputs from Chirag Bejan Daruwalla)

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