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Horoscope Today, May 25: Success on cards for Leo & Taurus; know about other zodiac signs

Horoscope Today, May 25: Happiness & Money for Cancer & Taurus ; know about other zodiac signs

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: May 25, 2023 5:15 IST
Horoscope Today, May 25
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Horoscope Today, May 25

Horoscope Today 25 May: Today is the Shashti Tithi of Jyestha Shukla Paksha and Thursday. Today the fast of Sheetla Shashthi will be observed. Also, today is celebrated as Jamatri Shashthi in Bengal. Vriddhi Yoga will remain till 6:07 pm today. Along with this, there will be Amritsiddhi Yoga till 5.54 pm today. Apart from this, Pushya Nakshatra will remain till 5.54 pm today. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how the day of 25th May will be for you and by what measures you can make this day better. 


It will be a good day for you. You will trust yourself and your actions. You will get good success in the field of education. On the basis of hard work, you will avoid obstacles in the workplace. Your business will touch new heights of success. Spouses will have full support in the business. Your financial condition will improve. Your family environment will be peaceful. There will be mutual harmony. You are likely to get benefits from ancestral property. Today is a good day for unmarried people. A marriage proposal can come from anywhere. 


You will have a nice day. You will get progress in your field of work. You will suddenly get a new opportunity in the job today.  There is also a possibility of an increase in your salary. You will have an excess of work in the office. Along with this, your respect will increase significantly in the eyes of people in the workplace. Some people on purpose can create obstacles for you. You will get profit from the investment made in a property. Today will be a better day for lovers. You will get the full support of your family and friends. Your health is going to be good. 


You will have a good day. The work plans of business people will be successful. If you are doing business related to stationery then today will be a favorable day. Sources of income will increase. There will be mutual coordination between you and your spouse. Any decision taken in haste can cause harm. You also need to pay attention to your speech and action. There are chances of a long journey in connection with a business. It will be beneficial for your business. Today you need to be alert regarding health. 


A better day is in store for you. You will get rid of the problems coming in your married life. There will be strength in your relationship. You will get the full cooperation of your colleagues in the field. There will be some challenges in the job but you will make it easy with your understanding. You should avoid getting angry. Careful handling of office work. Complete the decision taken for any domestic work will prove to be effective. You will get the full support of the family. There can be some good news from the child side. Your financial condition will be much better. Do meditation daily for your mental health. 


A lucky day is on the cards. There are auspicious signs of speeding up your business plans. There are strong chances of good money gains. It will be auspicious to do business transactions but with caution. There will be harmony among the members of your family. Your married life will be good. To bring intensity to the relationship, your lovers should go out for a walk. You have to avoid any kind of debate. In court cases, the decision will be in your favor. Today students will get the cooperation of teachers to understand any topic. 


Today will be beneficial for you. With the help of your spouse, you will easily complete such tasks which you were unable to complete alone. Today will be a good day for the employees working in the government sector. Will get some good news. People looking for a job can get a call for a job from a good company today.  Family life will be good. A big event can be planned at home. You have to take care of your health. 


The day is going to be very good for you. All your wishes related to the job will be fulfilled. You are likely to get an increment along with a promotion. Your mind will be more engaged in religious activities, you will contribute in a big way to any auspicious work of the house. You will get happiness from your children, your name will be in the society. Difficulties may have to be faced in the workplace. In such a situation, you will walk by making a balance. Today you are likely to get the money that has been stuck for a long time. 


It will an enthusiastic day for you. Along with your own comforts, you will also take care of the people around you. Your married life will be very good. You will get the full support of the family. Today will be a favorable day for businessmen. There will be good opportunities today to improve the economic situation. Your performance in any competition will be good. You need to take special care of your health. Lovers will be impressed by your words today, there will be newness in the relationship. 


Good day in store for you. In the field of education, you will get good results by working hard. There are chances of getting success in competitive examinations. The bitterness already going on in married life will go away today. You will get an opportunity to spend time with your spouse. Today is a good day for businessmen, your business will boom. You are likely to make good money. Expenses will increase, but you will also make some savings with your intelligence and discretion. Will go on an entertaining trip with lovers. There will be progress in the career of the child. 


Great day for you. You will give more priority to your work. Today you will experience something new in the workplace. Due to cooperation from the officers on the job, you will be able to complete the tasks on time. Keep restraint on your speech. After a little struggle, your financial condition will improve. You will get new progress and new energy. You will be ready to do something new to help others. Your married life will be good. You will get happiness from your children. The atmosphere of the house will be positive. You will be busy with some religious ceremonies today. 


It will be a better day for you. You will be able to manage things well. Will make a proper planning of expenses according to their income. You will maintain mutual coordination with family members, and try to keep your speech sweet as well. Your married life will be excellent. Today is going to be a wonderful day for the students, they will get better results of the examination. Lovemates will make up their mind to tie the knot. Do yoga and exercise regularly. Your health will be good to a great extent. There will be cooperation of parents in works. 


A special day ahead for you. Your family life will be very good. Today you will get the support of the elders of the house, and along with that, you will also get blessings. Keep your behavior sweet towards elders. Because of your life partner, you will get good profit in your business. Your confidence will be very good. You will perform well on the strength of your intelligence and knowledge,

You will take great pleasure in spiritual activities. You will get good success in the field of teaching. If will go on a trip with the family, you will get mental peace. 

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