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Horoscope Today, December 3: Gates of happiness will open for Libra, know about other zodiac signs

Horoscope Today, December 3: Gates of happiness will open for Libra; Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how your day will be according to your zodiac sign.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: December 03, 2022 5:15 IST
Horoscope Today, December 3
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Horoscope Today, December 3

Horoscope Today, December 3: Today is the Ekadashi date of Marshish Shukla Paksha and Saturday. Ekadashi Tithi will cross the whole day today and will remain till the next morning at 5.34 am. Apart from this, today Sun God will be with Venus in Jyestha Nakshatra, on this day Buddha will come in Sagittarius. After crossing today's whole day, Vyatipat Yoga will remain till 4:35 in the next morning. Along with this, from today's sunrise till the next morning at 5:34, there will be Yayijayog. After crossing today's whole day, Revati Nakshatra will remain till 6:16 in the morning the next day. Apart from this, today is Bhadra of Panchak and Swargalok.


Today your day is going to be full of enthusiasm. Your thought work will be completed today. Also, if you work with an open mind, good people will try to connect with you. Today will also be a better day for property dealers of this amount. Will forgive someone's minor mistakes, people of this zodiac can get some good news from someone close today. You will get respect in the society.


Today is going to be profitable. The result of hard work will be in your favor. You will focus on yourself today. There will be help of loved ones in some work, due to which the work will become easy. You can plan to go somewhere with your spouse, your relationship will get stronger. Your commendable work can be respected in the society, you will feel proud of yourself. Your confidence in some work can give you success.


Today the beginning of your day is going to be favorable for you. Today you will work hard at the working place. You will feel proud of your achievements. Today will be beneficial for the people associated with the entertainment industry of this amount. Your creative field will be strong, you will take support of new techniques to make the new plan successful, the work will be easy and quick. Your health will be better, take special care of the elders of the house.


Today is going to be a great for you. You may get a job offer from a multinational company, which will make you feel confident. You will get full opportunity to think about some important work today. Make full use of the time. Teachers will have a better day, will teach something new to the children. The more importance you give to others today, the more importance you will get. Today you will get a lot of relief from the problem of migraine, do not pay attention to useless things.


Today is going to be a good start to your day. Today it will be easy to get the cooperation of the officer class, deteriorating work will be done. Your love for children will make you their darling. Today you will learn something from your mistakes. You can read someone's biography. People of this zodiac who want to try their luck in writing, they should prepare the outline of the topic first, they will definitely get success in the work. Today you can go to the Gaushala to serve the cow.


Today will bring a new direction in life. Some important work will be completed with the help of colleagues. People of this amount who want to start business in another state, today is a good day for them, they will get full support from family members. You will get to learn something new. Today your thoughts will get importance, people will be influenced by your words.


Today is going to be full of happiness. You can visit any religious place. If you work hard, then most of the planned work will be completed. Your good health will enhance your working capacity. Do not hesitate to ask for help from anyone today, everything is in your favor. Today you will start a plan. If possible, get the work done before evening. blue, 6


Today is going to start with a good mood. Your financial condition will be better. New avenues of progress will open in terms of money. It is a better day for the students of this amount, they will join computer related courses. You will do any favorite work. Give more importance to those things which are more important to you. Also, you should maintain a balance between your work, family, and friends.


Today you will start your day with a calm mind. There will be a call for a job from a multinational company. Try to stay away from unnecessary controversies today. Tension may increase slightly today due to disturbance in old transaction matters, to get rid of it, take the cooperation of your life partner. Today, special relatives can come to your house, with whom you will be happy to meet.

You are likely to benefit from the government sector.


Today is going to bring new happiness for your family. Economic condition will be normal. It is a beneficial day for the women of this zodiac who are associated with the business field. Take out some time from your busy schedule for kids and ask them about study. Today you can have a long journey due to important work. Today you can organize a small party at home. By thinking about doing new work, you will get opportunities to earn money.


Today is going to start with new enthusiasm. People of this amount who are associated with the bakery business will get more profit than expected, due to which the economic condition will be better. You will get golden opportunities to show your skills. Today, due to the arrival of relatives in the house, you may have to make some changes in your schedule. It will also be a good day for the people of art and literature. Better consult your guru.


Today will be neutral. Try to avoid traveling. You may feel tired and stressed, but you will get relief if you eat energetic food. You can spend time with children this evening, they will share some of their personal things. If there is a rift with the spouse, then today is a good day to resolve it. Graphic designing students can do something creative.

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