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Horoscope 2024: Sun transit in Capricorn in January

As the Sun enters Capricorn in January 2024, influencing all zodiac signs, Aries and Aquarius may experience positive outcomes, while various impacts ranging from career opportunities to health improvements are foreseen for others based on their astrological sign.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Rahul Pratyush
New Delhi
Published on: December 29, 2023 13:00 IST
Sun transit in Capricorn in January
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Sun transit in Capricorn in January

Sun, the king of the planets, changes its zodiac sign every month. According to astrology, the Sun will enter Capricorn in January 2024. Makar Sankranti has special significance due to the entry of the Sun into Capricorn. Sun will enter Capricorn on January 15, 2024, at 02:54 am. The effect of the Sun coming into Capricorn will be visible on all the 12 zodiac signs, but some zodiac signs will get positive results. With the Sun entering Capricorn, the fortunes of some zodiac signs including Aries and Aquarius may shine.


For the people of Aries, the change in the zodiac sign of the Sun is no less than a boon. During this time, you will get happiness and new opportunities in your career. Your pending work will be completed. Health will improve. If you want to take any important decision then this time is going to be favorable.


There will be mental peace. You may get support from officers on the job. But, change in the workplace may also be accompanied by relocation. Busyness will increase.


There can be ups and downs in mood. You will be successful in educational work. Income in business can increase with the help of a friend. You may meet a leader.


The effect of Sun transit is going to be favourable on the people of the Cancer zodiac sign. Your married life will be positively affected. However, marriage-related work may get delayed during this period. This transit is going to be favourable for work or business-related tasks. Health is going to be good.


For the people of Leo, the change in the zodiac sign of the Sun will result in the mind will be happy. You may get support from colleges on the job. The path to progress will be paved. But, there may be changes in the workplace. There will be more hard work.


Due to the effect of Sun transit, people of the Virgo zodiac may get unexpected results. People preparing for competitive exams may get auspicious results. People associated with technology and research can achieve success. Love life will be good. Finances will improve.


There may be fluctuations in mood. Be balanced in conversation. Family problems may bother you. There will be a decrease in income and an increase in expenditure.


For Scorpio people, the change in the zodiac sign of the Sun can bring miraculous changes in life. You may be successful during this period. Your courage will increase. Your attention will be focused on religious activities. Maintain control of your work. 


The mind will be happy. But, try to maintain mental peace. Will get support from family. There will be an increase in business. There will be profit opportunities. Wealth may increase.


There will be full confidence. There will be a lack of patience. Control your emotions. Take care of your spouse's health. Matters related to property can be resolved.


Due to the influence of Sun transit, Aquarius people may get good news from a relative. Decisions in court-related matters may be in your favour. Do not lend money to anyone during this period, otherwise, financial loss may occur.


During the change of the Sun's zodiac sign, people of the Pisces sign can get the job of their choice. Apart from this, you will also get business success. Meeting a new partner will boost business. Apart from this, with the grace of Sun, pending work will be completed. If you want to invest then you can do it at this time. However, avoid starting any new work. 

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