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Amit Shah attacks Congress, SP over dynastic politics

Currently reading: Amit Shah attacks Congress, SP over dynastic politics
India TV Politics Desk, Lucknow [Published on:19 Nov 2016, 23:47:29]

In an attack on Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP, the BJP president Amit Shah today said that “most of the parties” have been reduced to families and castes unlike his which “believes in the politics of performance”.  

In a dialogue with youths at a private university under party’s ‘UP ke mann ki baat’ programme, he said “Caste is the dominating factor.”

“Most of the parties have been reduced to parties of families where the day a son is born it is decided as to who will be the next leader...who’ll be the president of Congress you all know very well,” he said in the poll-bound state.  “But you can never predict as to who will be the next president of BJP,” he added.

The BJP chief said casteism and family politics reduce accountability in politics and importance of performance is undermined.

“BJP wants this country moves towards politics of performance. People will accept those who perform while the non-performing ones will be rejected,” he said.  

He said as the responsible citizen of the country youths will have to think about the future of the country.  

On the black money, Shah said, “The Modi government will not allow anyone to go scot-free on the issue...I believe only youth have a right over the black money worth crores”.  

He said ever since the Modi government came to power, Opposition parties have been “making a hue and cry” over what will be done on black money.

“They (Opposition) asked ‘You (Modi) made a poll promise that black money will be finished what have you done till now’,” he said.

“What was the first step which was taken by the Modi government? It constituted the SIT on blackmoney...demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 the hue and cry is for roll back of the move...but why?” he asked.  

“The Opposition is crestfallen because of demonetisation.  Congress, SP, BSP, Kejriwal, Mamata, etc etc have all come together and are speaking together (on the issue),” he said.  

Taking a dig at both the SP and BSP over the “bad” law and order situation during their respective governments in UP, Shah said, “UP can’t develop by beautification of Gomti river bank (undertaken up by the Akhilesh Yadav government) is only the BJP which can bring a change in the state,” ( Exhorting the youth on behalf of Prime Miniter Narendra Modi, Shah said, “History is created by the youth, change is brought by the youth.

It is the youth which takes the country forward and so they should dedicate themselves in the coming election festival and help bring a change.  

“The country cannot develop till UP develops...we want expectations of people are included in the electoral agenda of the BJP for which we have started a process of dialogue...if this proves to be a success, all the parties will have to adopt this process- seek suggestions on their aspirations and live upto them,” he said.

He also spoke about various schemes launched by the Modi government for the development of villages, poor, farmerss backwards and common people.

(With inputs from PTI)

Amit Shah, Congress, Samajwadi Party, BJP- India Tv
Amit Shah attacks Congress, SP over dynastic politics Photo: PTI