August 22, 2014

Yoga Guru Iyengar Slams Ramdev-Style Yoga

[ Updated 22 Jun 2011, 09:01:24 ]
Yoga Guru Iyengar Slams Ramdev-Style Yoga

Beijing, Jun 22 : Internationally renowned yoga guru B K S Iyengar has criticised Swami Ramdev's style of teaching  Yoga to students, reports Times of India. 

The 93-year-old guru lashed out at those who sell programmes like kapalbhati,saying such preceptors were corrupting Patanjali's yoga.

Iyengar,who has been teaching yoga on the world stage for 75 years, said overpublicizing specific aspects like kapalbhati was wrong,and a short-cut best avoided.

He made the statement without naming Ramdev,but the inference among the Indians present there was obvious because the Baba has built much of his following by spreading kapalbhati through TV.

Iyengar,considered the oldest yoga teacher internationally,visited Guangzhou during his five-day China tour,and dozens of yoga practitioners prostrated themselves before him.

There are over ten million yoga practitioners in China,and most follow it as an exercise regime.

Ramdev,by ending his fast on the ninth day,had drawn the ire of several yoga teachers who compared his dipping health graph with Haridwar saint-activist Swami Nigamanand,who bravely held out for 68 days before being force-fed by the authorities.

The yogacharya also made the Indian government a target of his angst.

This was within moments of expressing his joy over being presented with an album of commemorative stamps issued in his honour by the Beijing Post Office.

What an honour, he exclaimed, while saying his own country had not brought out a stamp on him

"I will cherish this all my life. I am one among you. I love you all", he said, moved by the album of stamps, one of which carried his picture.

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