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Mayawati's successor Akash Anand takes centerstage in poll campaign to revive BSP: Know all about him

Akash Anand, an MBA graduate from London, made his first political appearance alongside Mayawati during her visit to Saharanpur following violence in 2017. Recently, Akash took charge of election management and was prominently featured on stage during Mayawati's rally in Meerut.

Edited By: India TV News Desk Lucknow Updated on: April 24, 2024 16:38 IST
Mayawati's successor Akash Anand takes center stage in poll campaign to revive BSP
Image Source : PTI BSP chief Mayawati along with his nephew Akash Anand.

In the ongoing Lok Sabha election, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is not only focused on winning but also evaluating the leadership of the successor. Akash Anand, the nephew of BSP chief Mayawati, seems to have taken a more prominent role than his aunt, injecting a youthful energy into the party's efforts to regain political ground. For nearly a decade, he has been actively working to bolster the party's position and revitalise its image, presenting a fresh approach to leadership while supporting Mayawati's legacy as "behen ji" (sister), as reported by Amar Ujala. 

What is Akash Anand's primary task? 

According to the report, Akash's primary task is to stimulate the party's cadre, and early indications from the ongoing elections suggest that he has achieved considerable success in this endeavour. Sporting a distinctive attire of a white shirt and blue pants paired with sports shoes, adorned with a white scarf featuring the blue elephant symbol, he is establishing a recognizable identity. His approach seems to be resonating well with the party's voter base, evident from the enthusiastic reception he receives on stage, with slogans like 'Aakash tum sangharsh karo' echoing in support of his efforts.

Who is Akash Anand?

Akash Anand, the son of Anand Kumar, the younger brother of BSP leader Mayawati, holds an MBA degree from a prestigious college in London. He has been actively involved in the party's affairs for several years, demonstrating a commitment to connecting with the youth. Akash took charge of organising the recent Assembly elections in three states (Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh) as part of his efforts to engage younger demographics.

Mayawati, who inherited the political legacy of Kanshi Ram to advance Dr Ambedkar's vision for the Bahujan Samaj, announced on December 10, 2023, that her 29-year-old nephew Akash would be her political successor. Although the formal announcement was made four months ago, Akash has been apprenticing in the realm of politics under his aunt's guidance for nearly seven years, the report added. 

BSP faces an uphill task 

Despite Akash's effective initiatives, the task of strengthening the Bahujan Samaj Party nationwide is not going to be easy.  In the last elections, apart from 10 MPs from Uttar Pradesh, no MP of the party from any other state won nor got significant votes. While the party contested elections in as many as 26 states, it struggled to even garner one per cent of the vote in half of them. In seven states, the party received less than two per cent of the votes, and in four states, it only managed to secure between three to four per cent of the votes.

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