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  • declare bihar famine hit say lalu paswan

    Declare Bihar Famine-Hit, Say Lalu, Paswan

    Politics | December 13, 2009 21:34 IST

    RJD supremo Lalu Prasad and his LJP counterpart Ram Vilas Paswan on Sunday  demanded that the Nitish Kumar government immediately declare entire Bihar 'famine-hit' in the wake of severe drought condition.  "People are dying of

  • no truck with non left parties cpi ml liberation

    No Truck With Non-Left Parties: CPI (Ml-Liberation)

    Politics | October 26, 2009 13:27 IST

    The CPI(ML-Liberation)on monday ruled out joining any non-left secular alliance, alleging corruption had stagnated Jharkhand's progress since its creation in 2000.  "The BJP-led NDA government laid the foundation for corruption from November 15, 2000 and