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WhatsApp introduces native beta for macOS: How does it work?

WhatsApp has launched a new update for macOS version of WhatsApp Desktop for the user. The beta version will have a left sidebar to enable users to switch directly to different sections like chats, calls and settings. Also, it will feature two shortcuts- starred messages and archived chats.

Saumya Nigam Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: January 24, 2023 13:04 IST
Image Source : PIXABAY Whatsapp launches native beta for macOS

WhatsApp has come up with the latest new update for devices running on macOS. As per the sources, the new native beta has been unleashed by the instant messaging platform. The new feature will enable the WhatsApp Desktop user to have a different interface from the desktop version of the application.

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Image Source : WHATSAPPWhatsApp Desktop download

What are the major changes in the native beta for macOS?

The very first thing we noticed is the left sidebar which will enable the user directly switch to different sections like chats, calls and settings. 

The desktop version will have two shortcuts- starred messages and archived chats.

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Some things about the new native beta update?

The above feature and the updated design might not work as it is a very early beta version, and syncing the chat history might not be possible at the time. Also, some features like status, voice messaging, group calls, and location sending are also currently unavailable for the new macOS. 

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How to connect with the macOS device to experience the new update?

If someone would like to join the beta program of the new macOS-oriented WhatsApp, then one needs to install the app, you will have to link your WhatsApp account from your iOS or Android device to WhatsApp on the Mac device. You need to open the ‘Linked Device’ which is in the WhatsApp Settings from the handset. Once the QR code has been scanned, you will be ready to use WhatsApp on the connected Mac device.

What if someone does not have a Mac device?

 In that case, you must not join the programme, because the beta testing is limited, and you will certainly be ending the possibility of other people joining and experiencing the new update. hence, downloading the app on any device other than macOS will be useless as the updated interface for WhatsApp Desktop will not be shown- not even with iOS devices like iPhones or iPad.


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