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Want Gemini Advanced for free? Here's how to get your two-month trial with Google One

Google has recently changed the name of its Bard AI chatbot to Gemini, which is based on a powerful Large Language Model. Additionally, the search giant has launched a separate app for Gemini, which is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: February 09, 2024 11:12 IST
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Google has released its powerful language model, Gemini Ultra, for use in its AI chatbot. The chatbot, formerly known as Bard, is now called Gemini, and the version featuring Gemini Ultra is named Gemini Advanced.

Google's Gemini language models

Last year, Google introduced its Large Language Models (LLMs) called Gemini, which powers AI chatbots. These models come in three versions: Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano.

Gemini Nano is the smallest model, designed to run on smartphones like the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Next is Gemini Pro, which powers the free version of Google Gemini (formerly Bard).

The most powerful model is Gemini Ultra, now used in Gemini Advanced (previously Bard Advanced). This model offers enhanced capabilities and is Google's most powerful LLM available. In India, trying Gemini Advanced costs Rs 1,950 per month, but Google One subscribers may access it for two months at no cost.

Google One subscription

Google One is a subscription service in India that provides expanded cloud storage in four tiers:

  • Basic (100GB/ Rs 130 per month)
  • Standard (200GB/ Rs 210 per month)
  • Premium (2TB/ Rs 650 per month)
  • Premium (5TB/ Rs 1,625 per month)

Subscribers to the Standard and Premium tiers receive free access to Gemini Advanced for two months, after which they can continue using it by paying Rs 1,950 per month. Basic plan subscribers can upgrade to at least the Standard plan for access to Gemini Advanced.

Benefits of the plan

  1. Gemini Advanced offers Google's most capable AI model, Ultra 1.0, for improved reasoning, coding, and creative collaboration.
  2. Enhanced performance enables understanding, explaining, and generating high-quality code in various programming languages.
  3. Designed for complex tasks, it quickly processes diverse inputs like text, images, and code.
  4. Includes 2TB storage in Photos, Gmail, and Drive for up to 5 users.
  5. Future availability of Gemini in Gmail, Docs, and other Google services.

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