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Tips to reduce power consumption of your AC

If you are worried about your escalating AC bills, then here are 6 tips to follow, for saving your.

Saumya Nigam Edited By: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: July 14, 2022 23:14 IST
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With the constant rise in retail inflation, our expenses and monthly bills have taken a direct hit. While we scramble around ways to cut costs, there are certain bills that can be reduced if we are a little mindful. One such thing is our electricity bill, and the most essential household appliance that can cause it to spiral is our beloved air conditioner. ACs can actually double your electricity bill as they consumer a lot of electricity. But, you can actually reduce its power consumption by being a little mindful. Here are a few ways to do so:

Set a timer

The most important thing to do in order to reduce power consumption is setting a time for your AC. You should avoid running the AC whole night and instead set a timer for 1-2 hours, which is the time you need to fall asleep. 

Using an air conditioner continuously places a significant strain on the entire unit as well as its components. Turn it off once the room has cooled sufficiently. This will give the AC rest and prepare it to run efficiently when you turn it on again.

Set a default right temperature

Setting a default temperature for your AC is an ideal situation. It not only shuts off your AC when the room has reached the desired temperature, but also turns on the compressor when it detects that the room temperature is rising. The AC will use less power in cut-off mode, allowing you to save money on your utility bill.

You can also use a thermostat to keep a track of it. You can set your thermostat with a programmable schedule to not cool the space when no one is present. Some thermostats can even learn and programme themselves based on your schedule over time. Smart thermostats also include an app that allows you to control the temperature remotely if you forget to set it. Most of these thermostats are designed with energy savings in mind, so they can provide you with more information about your energy consumption.

Seal leaks

While shutting all windows and door while the AC is on seems like a no-brainer, you also need to ensure that there are no leaks or holes that’s letting the cool air out. In case there are, you need to seal these holes, so that the cool air doesn’t go out. This will ensure that your AC needs to run for a smaller duration, thus resulting in saving electricity.

Clean air filters regularly

Your AC will consume more electricity if your air filters and ducts are not clean. Air filters keep the dust out of your AC HVAC system, allowing it to run smoothly. They block the dust and let the clean air inside the AC to be cooled. But, if the filters are not cleaned regularly, they might get blocked with dust and will lead to the AC consuming additional power to get clean air inside. Hence, it is imperative to do regular cleaning of the air filters. You can also change the air filters if they have become too old.

Regular Servicing

Servicing your AC at least once a year will ensure that it runs efficiently. During the servicing, the outdoor coils will be cleaned as well as the voltage connections and coolant levels be checked thoroughly. You can change any parts during the servicing, in case required. All these checks done during servicing will ensure that there is less consumption of electricity.

Upgrade to an energy efficient AC

In case you are looking to upgrade your AC, you should always look out for an energy saving one. The best way to gauge this is by checking the star rating of an air conditioner. This star rating is provided for customer awareness by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency.)

The highest star rating of an air conditioner is 5, and the lowest star rating is 1. A 5-star air conditioner will cool your room in the most efficient manner compared to a 1 or 2 star Rated air conditioner. Simply put, a 5-star AC will cool a room faster, while using less electricity than a 1 or 2-star AC.

This article has been originally written by Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO SPPL, Exclusive Brand licensee of THOMSON India. All the suggestive points are his personal thoughts and India TV takes no responsibility for the same.


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