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Mumbai woman stops tricky UPI Scam – Sees warning signs | Read details

Mumbai woman successfully prevents UPI scam by recognising red flags and staying vigilant during a suspicious call. Here's all you need to know.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: January 06, 2024 17:49 IST
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Mumbai UPI Fraud: In a recent incident, a woman successfully thwarted a potential scam involving UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Sharing her alarming experience on a platform called X (formerly Twitter), she aimed to warn others about the tactics scammers use.

The Deceptive Call

The woman, visiting her parents, received a call from someone claiming to be associated with LIC transactions. The caller, addressing her as "beta" (meaning child), said he needed to transfer Rs.25,000 LIC money to her father but had to send it to her as her father didn't use virtual payments. The woman, not suspecting anything initially, agreed to help.

The Manipulative Transactions

The imposter, posing as a well-wisher, asked for her Gpay details. As the call progressed, the scammer rapidly moved through a sequence of transactions, transferring amounts in real time while pressuring the user to confirm the receipts.

Suspicious Turn

The situation got suspicious when the user received Rs.50,000 instead of Rs.5,000. The scammer then requested the return of Rs.45,000, trying to capitalise on the error. Realising the manipulation attempt, the user became sceptical.

The user claimed to have received only text messages but no money on Gpay, prompting the scammer to instruct her to open the app. Wisely, the user insisted on waiting for her father's return before taking any action, causing the scammer to disappear.

Lesson Learned

Reflecting on the incident, the user highlighted the importance of remaining vigilant, especially when receiving unexpected calls related to financial transactions. The use of the term "beta" and rushing tactics contributed to creating a sense of urgency, momentarily clouding the user's judgment.

Stay Alert

It's crucial to take your time, verify details, and involve trusted individuals when dealing with unexpected calls or messages related to financial matters.

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