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Mark Zuckerberg faces EU pressure to take down Pro-Hamas content on Meta

EU Commissioner Breton urged Zuckerberg to ensure the effectiveness of Meta's content moderation systems. He also stressed the importance of collaboration with law enforcement authorities and Europol (European Union Agency for Law), emphasising prompt responses to any requests for assistance.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: October 12, 2023 14:25 IST
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg receives EU warning on Pro-Hamas
Image Source : AP/FILE Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg receives EU warning on Pro-Hamas content

Following a warning to Elon Musk, owner of the X platform, European Commissioner Thierry Breton has now written to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urging prompt action in removing pro-Hamas content across Meta's platforms. Breton emphasised the necessity for vigilance to prevent potential violations of new EU regulations.

Breton's letter called on Meta to swiftly eliminate illegal terrorist content and hate speech amidst the ongoing conflict in Israel. The European Commission noted a surge in the dissemination of illegal content and disinformation within the EU, prompting this urgent call for action.

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Breton set a 24-hour deadline for Zuckerberg to address the concerns raised by the European Union. This deadline underscores the urgency of the matter and the need for swift action.

Adherence to Digital Services Act (DSA) Rules

The Commissioner highlighted the significance of strict compliance with the rules outlined in the Digital Services Act (DSA). This includes transparent terms of service, timely responses to notifications of illegal content, and the implementation of proportionate and effective mitigation measures.

Meta's Response and Initiatives
In response, a spokesperson from Meta disclosed that the company has established a special operations center staffed with experts fluent in Hebrew and Arabic. This move came in the aftermath of the Hamas attacks on Israel. The spokesperson affirmed that Meta's teams are working tirelessly to maintain platform safety, taking action on content that violates policies or local law.

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Prior Warning to Elon Musk
Earlier, Commissioner Breton had cautioned Elon Musk about the dissemination of illegal content and disinformation on the X platform following the Hamas attacks in Israel. Musk responded by urging Breton to publicly flag any violative content, underlining the company's commitment to transparency.

Breton, in response to Musk's request for clarification, reiterated concerns over reports of fake content and the glorification of violence circulating on the X platform.


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