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Slow 5G adoption in India due to limited coverage and affordable handset availability

A recent Counterpoint research report highlighted the lack of awareness about 5G's use cases and limited availability of 5G handsets below the price tag of Rs 10,000. Because of these factors, the adoption rate of 5G has paced down.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: July 09, 2023 11:18 IST
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Image Source : FILE 5G Adoption hampered due to limited coverage

According to a recent report by Counterpoint Research, the mass adoption of 5G in India is being hindered by patchy network coverage and the lack of affordable 5G handsets. Although 5G services were introduced in the country in October 2022, they are still not widely available across the nation.

Tarun Pathak, Research Director at Counterpoint, emphasized that there is a long way to go in terms of achieving widespread network coverage in India. This limited coverage has resulted in a delay in the adoption of 5G technology by the masses.

Furthermore, the report highlighted the lack of awareness about the use cases of 5G and the limited availability of 5G handsets priced below Rs 10,000 (approximately $135). These factors have contributed to the slower adoption rate of 5G in the country.

Despite these challenges, there is optimism for the future of India's 5G ecosystem. Counterpoint's data revealed that 5G smartphone sales in the country surpassed 100 million units for the first time in May 2023. Additionally, the popularity of 5G smartphones in lower price bands, particularly those priced below Rs 20,000 (approximately $270), is increasing. In 2022, 5G smartphones accounted for 14% of sales in this price segment, a significant increase from 4% in 2021.

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Shilpi Jain, a senior analyst at Counterpoint, mentioned that the demand for 5G phones among consumers is high, especially with the upcoming festive season. To meet this demand, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are launching 5G phones in the Rs 10,000 to 15,000 range (approximately $135-$200), which is driving the acceleration of 5G adoption.

While India still faces challenges in terms of network coverage and affordable handset availability, the increasing popularity and sales of 5G smartphones indicate a promising future for the widespread adoption of 5G technology in the country.

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