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Instagram's Threads web version introduces new features: Copy & paste, multiple posts, and more

Instagram's Threads is evolving to offer a more versatile and engaging experience for its users on the web, with features like alt text customisation, media attachment enhancements, and simplified interaction with quotes and reposts.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: November 03, 2023 17:28 IST
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Image Source : FILE Threads upgrade: Copy & paste, multiple posts feature now available for web users

Threads Web Version New Features: Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, recently announced some new updates to the web version of Threads. Users can now enhance their posts by customising alt text on photos and videos when sharing them on the web. This feature is a helpful addition for those who want to provide more context to their content.

Moreover, Instagram has made it easier for users to enrich their threads with media attachments. Users can now copy and paste or simply drag and drop media items into their posts. This user-friendly feature simplifies the process of sharing multiple posts within a thread before hitting the publish button.

Interaction with Quotes and Reposts

In an effort to improve the user experience, Mosseri also shared another enhancement. Users can now easily view quotes and reposts by clicking on the likes or views of a post. This facilitates interaction and engagement with content which makes it simpler to participate in conversations.

User Feedback and Requests

Mosseri encouraged users to explore these new features and provide feedback. Some users were quick to share their thoughts and suggestions. One user expressed concerns about Instagram-like spam on Threads and requested a solution to address this issue.

Another user suggested the ability to respond to replies directly from the activities page. This would allow users to interact with comments more conveniently, without having to navigate to each individual reply.

Threads API in the Works

Additionally, Mosseri revealed that Instagram is actively working on a Threads application programming interface (API). This move aims to enable developers to create diverse applications and experiences around Threads, positioning it as a competitor to its counterpart, X.

While some concerns were raised about the potential increase in publisher content versus creator content with the API, Mosseri mentioned the importance of this development and the need to progress in this direction.

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