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Google unveils new photo import feature: Know what it is and how it works

Google is making Android friendlier by introducing a new photo-picker, and in the upcoming Android 14, they'll add a "cloud media app" option for smoother photo importing.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: December 19, 2023 7:52 IST
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Google is enhancing Android to be even more user-friendly with a useful new feature. In the recent Android 13 update, they introduced a fresh photo-picker that works across the system, making it easier to bring in photos from different apps. Now, the exciting news is that Google is taking this a step further in Android 14 by integrating cloud storage apps into the photo picker.

What's Coming in Android 14?

The upcoming Android 14 will have support for a "cloud media app" option in the photo picker. This means users can smoothly bring in photos from services like Google Photos directly through the photo picker. Although this feature isn't live yet, it's expected to be available in the next few months, promising users a more integrated and efficient photo-importing experience.

Bringing Cloud Storage into the Mix

While Google Photos will be one of the supported services, the goal is to expand compatibility with other cloud storage services. This is a significant step toward a more unified way of managing media across various apps.

App Adoption and What to Expect

Even though not all apps have embraced the system-wide photo picker, there's a growing number that already support this feature. As Android 14 unfolds, more apps are likely to adopt the enhanced photo picker, offering users a smoother and more consistent experience.

Bonus Upgrade for Files App

In another development, Google is upgrading its Files app. They are testing a Smart Search feature to revolutionize document retrieval on smartphones. This update allows users to search for images and PDFs based on their content, using keywords or content details instead of just file names.

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