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Google Lens: How it works and what it does

The app has two sections: the top shows the camera view and the bottom displays your photo library. It can operate using screenshots, photos, or live camera feeds.

Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: August 29, 2023 17:35 IST
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Image Source : FILE What is Google Lens? A simple guide to its functions

In a world where innovation is vital, Google Lens emerges as a transformative tool, simplifying tasks and enhancing everyday interactions. As technology advances, this versatile feature continues redefining how we engage with our smartphones.

At its core, Google Lens uses advanced machine learning to identify objects within photos and provide relevant suggestions and actions. Users can consider Google Lens when uncertainty strikes, or when they aim to optimise their time and tasks.

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The capabilities of Google Lens are vast and diverse, opening up numerous possibilities for users:

  • Digital Business Cards: Easily add contact information from business cards to your phone's contacts.
  • Book Insights: Capture a snapshot of a book cover to access reviews and ratings instantly.
  • Calendar Convenience: Transfer event details from flyers or billboards directly to your calendar.
  • Nature Identification: Identify plants and animals using visual recognition technology.
  • Smart Shopping: Scan barcodes to locate products and their availability for purchase.

Using Google Lens is a breeze. The app operates through screenshots, photos, or live camera feeds. The user interface is split into two sections: the top displays your camera view, while the bottom showcases your photo library. Tap an image in the bottom half to invoke Google Lens on an existing photo, or expand the viewfinder on top to identify objects in real time.

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Regardless of your access method, Google Lens consistently offers a range of search options at the bottom of your screen. Tapping the "Search" option generates general results, but you can also select specific objectives, such as solving math problems or translating text. Further refining your search is possible by tapping the small magnifying glass in the lower-right corner of the original photo. This allows you to add text to fine-tune your search criteria.

Google Lens excels in both screenshot and camera modes:

  • Screenshot Mode: Tapping a screenshot activates Google Lens, identifying relevant information. Swipe up to explore comprehensive search results.
  • Camera Mode: Point your camera at an object and tap the shutter button. Google Lens identifies objects, marking them with white dots. Tapping a dot unveils search results, while a swipe-up action reveals an expanded list.

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