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Google Chrome unveils new AI features for smarter browsing | Check details

Google Chrome introduces new AI features which allow users to organise tabs effortlessly, create personalised themes, and get AI assistance in drafting content while browsing.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: January 24, 2024 13:47 IST
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Google is rolling out new generative AI features in its Chrome browser, aiming to enhance user experience and efficiency. These features include intelligent tab organisation, personalised theme creation with AI, and AI assistance in drafting content while browsing.

How to access the New Features? 

In the latest Chrome release, users on Macs and Windows PCs can experience these experimental AI features. The rollout begins in the US, and users can access them by signing into Chrome, navigating to 'Settings' from the three-dot menu, and selecting the 'Experimental AI' page. It's essential to note that these features are early experiments and will be disabled for enterprise and educational accounts initially.

Intelligent Tab Organiser

Chrome's tab organiser now employs generative AI to suggest and create tab groups based on the user's open tabs. This proves beneficial when handling multiple tasks simultaneously, such as planning a trip, researching a topic, and shopping, streamlining the browsing experience.

Personalised Themes with AI

Building upon last year's introduction of generative AI wallpapers, Google extends this capability to Chrome. Users can now generate custom themes quickly by choosing a subject, mood, visual style, and colour, allowing for a more personalised and visually appealing browsing environment.

Upcoming AI-Powered Writing Assistance

In the next Chrome release, Google plans to introduce another experimental AI feature designed to boost user confidence in writing on the web. This feature uses AI to kickstart the writing process when users type in a few words. This aims to assist users in effortlessly drafting content with increased assurance.

Keep an eye out for these features in your Chrome settings to explore the enhanced functionalities. 

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