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CES 2024: Google and Samsung introduce Quick Share | A new file transfer experience for Android users

Google and Samsung team up for Quick Share, a revamped file transfer tool for Android users, offering improved functionality and extended compatibility with Windows PCs, bridging the gap with Apple's AirDrop.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: January 11, 2024 12:11 IST
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Image Source : GOOGLE Quick Share: Google and Samsung's Enhanced File Transfer Tool for Android Users

CES 2024: Exciting news for Android users! Google and Samsung are collaborating again, this time for an enhanced file transfer tool. At CES 2024, Google introduced the revamped Nearby Share feature, now rebranded as Quick Share.

Why the Change?

The rebranding aims to better align with Samsung's file transfer tool introduced in 2020. The new name, Quick Share, feels more fitting and brings a fresh vibe to the feature that has been known as Nearby Share for the past few years.

Extended Compatibility: Quick Share for Windows PCs

Google has expanded the feature's compatibility to Windows PCs. With Quick Share, more brands are expected to join the file transfer tool on PCs. This is great news for users who have an Android phone and a Windows PC, as the tool may come pre-installed in the future.

How it works? 

In terms of functionality, Quick Share works just like its predecessor Nearby Share. Users can select the device and contact to whom they want to share a file. The visibility of your phone can be limited to select people or everyone. File transfers on Android have traditionally relied on Bluetooth, and Nearby Share was a significant improvement.

Advantage for Android Users: Closing the Gap with AirDrop

While Apple users have enjoyed the seamless AirDrop feature across their devices, Android users are now getting a taste of similar convenience. Quick Share aims to provide Android users more reasons to stick with the platform, bridging the gap with the user-friendly features Apple users have enjoyed.

When to Expect the Change? 

Android users can anticipate the transition to Quick Share in February, bringing a more streamlined and user-friendly file-sharing experience to their devices.

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