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BGMI Returns: Indian government to lift the ban from Krafton

A number of YouTubers and BGMI players have claimed the return of the BGMI game further holding the PUBG IP too. Krafton did not state anything regarding the unban of the game battle royale for a while but has now reported a major hint from the company itself which indicates the coming back.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 28, 2022 19:47 IST
Image Source : BGMI BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been in the news again, and as per the sources, the popular game's ban is expected to be lifted by the end of the year 2022. A number of YouTubers and BGMI players have been claiming to know the plan of Krafton, the publisher of the BGMI game who further holds the PUBG IP too. The company did not state anything about the return of the battle royale game for a while but has now reported a major hint from the company itself which indicates the coming back of the banned game in the Indian market.

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Krafton has reportedly created a new BGMI player support channel on YouTube with a number of videos which could be seen on the official website of the company as well. 

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So far, there are four videos on the YouTube channel which talk about the frequently asked questions, like :

  • Prime/Prime Plus
  • Payment
  • The banning of accounts 

These videos are categorised as user guides on the new YouTube channel, which are also available on the official website of BGMI too. It has been stated that Krafton has created a new channel for BGMI content which will be indicating that the company has been working toward bringing the game back to the app stores. 

Why did PUBG got banned in India? 

Earlier in 2022, the Indian government banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (in July 2022)on the same grounds as it cited in the PUBG Mobile games. But it is a must to inform you that, unlike the ban on PUBG Mobile, BGMI was just delisted from the app stores in the name of the ban, but was not actually removed from the store altogether.

Also, the Indian government did not ask the telecom service providers to block access to the game completely (like PUBG)- this is why the players having BGMI installed on their devices at the time of the ban could continue to play and have access even at present. 

But this is a must to mention that, since the ban was enforced on the game, Krafton was unable to push any updates since the app stores of Google and Apple unpublished the game altogether.

When is BGMI returning to the app stores of Apple and Google?

As mentioned earlier, some YouTubers have claimed that the game will surface again by the end of this year. There are a few reports which have said that the BGMI is expected to return with a new avatar- new name and new publisher- which means the parent company might either transfer the rights to BGMI to a different company or change the name of the Indian subsidiary for better access and support of the government as they would be interested to have a legal gameplay experience.

Although we do not have anything concrete, at the time of writing, it is certainly because of Youtubers who have been tipping about the return of the game, but no concrete statement has been out yet.



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