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Apple dives into the AI language generation game with new experiments in the ChatGPT era

Apple has reportedly been conducting experiments with language-generating AI, indicating a significant investment in the technology. The experiments involve developing AI systems capable of generating human-like responses to user queries, similar to what is seen with OpenAI's GPT language models.

India TV Tech Desk Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: March 17, 2023 16:46 IST
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Apple has been reportedly experimenting with language-generating artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the era of ChatGPT. The company has been known to be developing advanced AI capabilities for several years now, and it appears that they have taken a keen interest in natural language processing (NLP) and generation.

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In recent weeks, the Cupertino-based company has held an internal event to discuss artificial intelligence and large language models. According to reports , many teams, including those working on Siri, are regularly testing "language-generating concepts."

Long-time users have complained about  Apple's AI assistant Siri not understanding queries. Even if people speak the same language, Siri and other voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant are unable to understand the accents and phonetics of people in different parts of the world.

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The recent popularity of ChatGPT and text-based searches makes it easier for people to interact with different AI models. However, Siri can only be contacted by enabling an accessibility setting.

In an interview, former Apple engineer John Burke, who worked on Siri, said Apple's Assistant has had a slow evolution because of "clunky code," making it harder to push even basic feature updates. In addition, he said Siri had a large database pile filled with countless words, so engineers had to rebuild the database whenever they wanted to add features. 

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GPT-4, OpenAI's next-generation AI engine, now powers ChatGPT and supports picture and text inputs. The GPT-4 is the latest milestone in the company's drive to scale up deep learning. 

However, it is not confirmed whether Apple is building its own language models or wants to adopt existing ones. Like Google and Microsoft, Tim Cook's company won't limit itself to Siri-based chatbots. As Apple has long prided itself to be an ally of artists and creators, it would expect that advances in language models would be applied to those areas.

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Image Source : FREEPIKApple dives into the AI language generation game with new experiments in the ChatGPT era


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