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40000 people working at Meta to safeguard global elections online: Mark Zuckerberg

The social media giant also asserted that it has dedicated over $20 billion to develop teams and technology aimed at safeguarding online elections.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: April 14, 2024 11:39 IST
40000 people working at Meta, global elections online, Mark Zuckerberg
Image Source : FILE 40000 people working at Meta to safeguard global elections online- Mark Zuckerberg

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, has emphasised its commitment towards safeguarding the global elections in 2024. As per the recent reports, no other tech company has been investing as much as they are in protecting online elections.

At present, Meta has around 40,000 individuals who are dedicated to safeguarding online elections worldwide. Moreover, the social media giant has invested over USD 20 billion in developing teams and technology aimed at protecting elections online. This substantial investment underscores the company's commitment to ensuring the integrity and security of electoral processes across its platforms. With a sizable workforce and significant financial resources dedicated to this endeavour, the company strives to address emerging threats and enhance trust in the electoral process on a global scale.

When is the election taking place in South Africa?

General elections in South Africa will take place on May 29 (2024).

In an official statement, Meta said, “As the election approaches, we’ll activate a South Africa-specific Elections Operations Centre to identify potential threats and put mitigations in place in real-time.”

Languages which will be used to fack-check in South Africa?

The company further stated that it has the largest fact-checking network with partners in South Africa, which will be checking the legitimacy in English, Afrikaans, Setswana, Zulu and Sotho languages.

The company further informed, “We have been working directly with the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to help prepare for the elections.”

The company said it has made it easier for its fact-checking partners in South Africa to “find and rate content related to the elections”.

“We’ll use keyword detection to group related content in one place, making it easy for fact-checkers to find.”

Before the election day, Meta will launch its ‘Voter Information Unit’ and ‘Election Day Reminder’ features on both the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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