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Meta to put "Made with AI" badge on broader range of AI-generated content

Meta currently labels only those media as created or altered by AI, which makes a person appear to say something they didn’t say. The company's AI content label will now cover a broader range of media.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: April 06, 2024 11:57 IST
AI-generated content
Image Source : META AI-generated content

Meta will soon start to apply a "Made with AI" badge to a broader range of videos, audio, and images. Starting this May, the company will label content where it detects industry-standard AI image indicators or when users acknowledge they are uploading AI-generated content. The company may flag fact-checked posts with the label, but false or altered content will likely be downranked. Meta also acknowledged that its current approach to labeling AI-generated content is narrow. 

The announcement came after an Oversight Board decision on a maliciously edited video where US President Joe Biden was depicted as touching his granddaughter inappropriately. The board decision was in line with Meta’s decision not to take down the video from Facebook as it didn't violate the company's rules regarding manipulated media. 

However, given the number of elections in 2024, the board suggested that Meta should reconsider this policy quickly. The board also recommended a “less restrictive” approach to manipulated media like labels with context, as per the company. 

Meta agrees with the board’s recommendations and wrote, “We agree that providing transparency and additional context is now the better way to address this content. The labels will cover a broader range of content in addition to the manipulated content that the Oversight Board recommended labeling. If we determine that digitally-created or altered images, video, or audio create a particularly high risk of materially deceiving the public on a matter of importance, we may add a more prominent label so people have more information and context,” in a blog post

As per an Engadget report, the Oversight Board was pleased that the company agreed with its recommendations. It also said that it would review the company’s implementation of recommendations in a transparency report. 

"While it is always important to find ways to preserve freedom of expression while protecting against demonstrable offline harm, it is especially critical to do so in the context of such an important year for elections," the board said. "As such, we are pleased that Meta will begin labeling a wider range of video, audio, and image content as 'Made with AI' when they detect AI image indicators or when people indicate they have uploaded AI content. This will provide people with greater context and transparency for more types of manipulated media, while also removing posts which violate Meta’s rules in other ways."

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