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Your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone might be emitting serious radiation

Apple and Samsung have been sued due to the release of excessive radiations from their smartphones. 

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New Delhi Published on: December 07, 2019 16:16 IST
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Apple sued over excessive smartphone radiation.

Smartphone radiations have been a serious concern lately. While the new players in the smartphone industry were getting accused of smartphone radiations, now Apple and Samsung have been sued over the release of excessive radiation. A few months ago, Chicago Tribune conducted research and posted that four Apple iPhone 7 units were emitting radiation that surpasses the legal limit. The real radiation figure was almost twice than what Apple quoted. Even the Samsung Galaxy S8 came up with similar results in their labs.

FCC or Federal Communications Commission has set the smartphone radiation limit to 1.6W/kg. According to the report, Samsung Galaxy S8 passed way more radiation than that from a distance of 2mm. The amount of radiation recorded was 8.22W/kg. 

Where do most people keep their phones?

FCC introduced the mobile phone radiation limit back in 1990. At that time, most people used to keep their cell phones in a belt loop far away from the skin. The limit was set with a 25mm distance in mind. However, now most people either prefer to keep their phones in their shirt pocket or jeans pocket making it even more dangerous. 

Apple and Samsung Lawsuit

According to a press release by the consumer-rights law firm FeganScott claims that two separate class-action suits are filed against Apple and Samsung on Thursday in the United States. With the lawsuit being filed, the legal action will now require both Apple and Samsung to pay for medical monitoring and an unspecified amount for the damages made.

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