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13-year-old assembles high-end PC: Is it the Indian gaming future?

Aadit Kumar has been gaming for almost 5 years now. At the age of 13, he set up his gaming PC by himself. Started from Play Station gaming with his brother, to building his gaming system.

Saumya Nigam Reported by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: March 17, 2022 16:28 IST
Aadit Kumar
Image Source : INDIA TV

Aadit Kumar

We live in a time where we do not have to wait for the ‘right age’ to follow our dreams. Gaming is an industry that has paced up in India, and even the younger generation is much enthusiastic about the segment. Teenage kids are already advancing with technology by learning nearly everything online- even before the online classes segment were introduced. Hence, there is more to explore and people are helping their kids to be what they want to be.

The generation born in the millennium knows much more than what we expect, and they are technologically much more advanced. Talking about the gaming industry or esports, young students from school itself have been following and exploring their passion with the right vision. 

We recently interacted with Aadit Kumar, who is just 13 years old and with a passion for gaming, he assembled and installed his gaming PC with the help of YouTube channels.

India Tv - Gaming, Gaming PC

Image Source : INDIA TVAadit Kumar

How did it all start?

Aadit has been into Play Station gaming for almost 5 years now. At a young age, he use to play games on his Play Station with his elder brother and eventually became fond of it. 

3 years back he requested his father to get him a gaming PC, but his father denied it. Aadit, not giving up on his dream told his father that he will build his own set-up within 3 years. Witnessing his commitment and passion towards gaming, his father decided to help him.

With thorough research on YouTube and following some channels like-  Linus Tech Tips, Tech Source, Setup Wars, and Setup Upgrades, Aadit made a list of parts and extensions he needed to create the entire setup for gaming. 

His father helped him gather all the spare parts from Nehru Place market of New Delhi, which is popular for electronic goods. Not only this but his father further gave him a tech support person who helped him to assemble his gaming setup.

Gaming  - India Tv

Spare Parts for Gaming PC setup

CPU, Gaming - India Tv


CUP - India Tv

CPU Setup

Gaming - India Tv


Gaming - India Tv

Aadit Kumar

Gaming - India Tv

Aadit Kumar

Gaming, CPU  - India Tv

Aadit Kumar

How much time does Aadit take to get this gaming setup ready?

It took almost 3 years to convenience his father and for installation, it took him almost 4 days of hard work. He almost spends around 2 lakh to 2.5 Lakh to completely set up the entire gaming ecosystem.

Gaming Monitor - India Tv

Gaming Monitor

Gaming, PC Gaming, Gaming PC setup - India Tv

Gaming PC

Gaming PC, setup - India Tv

Gaming PC Setup

Being so young, how does Aadit manage his time?

He told India TV that recently he got over with his final exams, so he has enough time to play- indoor and outdoor as well, but he manages his time accordingly. He told us that his mother was quite worried because of his excessive gaming habits, so Aadit made a rule to segregate time for playing indoor games, working on school assignments and going outdoor for physical games and fitness as well. 

What are Aadit’s favourite games?

Some of the games are Valorant, GTA V, Apex Legends, CS: GO, and Genshin Impact are a few of the games which Aadit likes to plays online with his friends.

India Tv - Gaming PC, setup

Image Source : INDIA TV

Gaming PC Setup

About Gaming Industry and Future

The gaming industry has been rising and can be considered as one of the important pillars of the Indian economy. As per the reports, it is stated that the industry could set up lakhs of job opportunities in the upcoming times. Also, the teenagers are working hard towards gaming and looking forward to building a whole career out of it in the coming time.

Some of the popular gamers like Sahil Rana, Lokesh Raj, Aditya Sawant are a few names who have been setting examples and enabling people to realise the potential and possibilities the gaming as a profession can build in the coming future.


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