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Highlights, IPL 2020: Lockie Ferguson powers KKR to a thrilling win over SRH in Super Over

Lockie Ferguson bowled an exceptional Super Over to lead Kolkata Knight Riders to a thrilling win against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Indian Premier League on Sunday.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 18, 2020 20:01 IST
IPL 2020: Lockie Ferguson powers KKR to a thrilling win over SRH in Super Over
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IPL 2020: Lockie Ferguson powers KKR to a thrilling win over SRH in Super Over

Live Cricket Score Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders

SRH vs KKR Live Cricket Score: Hello and welcome to our coverage of IPL 2020 match Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders. Lockie Ferguson bowled an exceptional Super Over to lead Kolkata Knight Riders to a thrilling win against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Indian Premier League on Sunday. KKR scored 163 for five with Shubhman Gill top-scoring with his 36-run knock while T Natarajan took two wickets for SRH. The Hyderabad side ended at 163 for six with David Warner staying unbeaten on 47. Ferguson then took two wickets in the Super Over and conceded only 2 runs. KKR easily scored the required three runs to complete the win. Follow ball-by-ball updates from SRH vs KKR on indiatvnews.com.

KKR beat SRH

BALL 3: Rashid to DK, DOUBLE! LEG BYE! Done and Dusted as KKR beat SRH

BALL 2: Rashid to Morgan, SINGLE! The southpaw places into the gap and takes an easy single.

BALL 1: Rashid to Morgan, DOT BALL! The skipper tries the reverse sweep but saved by the fielder.

* Eoin Morgan and Dinesh Karthik come out to bat in Super Over for KKR

* KKR need 3 runs from the Super Over

BALL 3: Lockie to Samad, OUT! BOWLED! It's over for SRH as Lockie only needs three balls to prove his supremacy over SRH in today's game.

BALL 2: Lockie to Samad, DOUBLE! The batsman slaps it straight down the ground and runs quick double.

BALL 1: Lockie to Warner, OUT! BOWLED! Excellent from the Kiwi pacer, length ball with enough pace on it to chip the off stump of Warner.

* Lockie Ferguson with ball for KKR in Super Over

* David Warner and Jonny Bairstow return to bat for SRH in Super Over

19.30 IST: Russell to Warner, SINGLE! Sunrisers Hyderabad (163/6) tie against Kolkata Knight Riders (163/5) in Abu Dhabi. Super Over to decide result

19.28 IST: Russell to Warner, FOUR! Length ball and Warner swings his bat hard and the ball races away for a boundary at mid-wicket.

19.26 IST: Russell to Warner, FOUR! Too full and Warner guides it through backward square leg for a boundary.

19.21 IST: Mavi to Samad, OUT! The batsman looks for a glory shot and Lockie-Gill compliments each other for a brilliant catch. SRH need 18 runs from the last over

19.18 IST: Mavi to Warner, FOUR! Full toss and the southpaw slams it over long-off for a boundary.

19.16 IST: Mavi to Samad, FOUR! Short ball and Samad slashes it over covers for a boundary. Pressure on Mavi straightaway.

19.14 IST: Ferguson to Warner, SINGLE! Excellent over under pressure only seven runs from it.

19.06 IST: Varun to Samad, FOUR! The youngster charges down the ground and slams it over long-off for a boundary.

19.02 IST: Cummins to Samad, SIX! BRAVE! Back of a length ball and Samad slams it hard over mid-wicket for a maximum.

18.55 IST: Cummins to Shankar, OUT! Short ball from the Aussie as Shankar tries to pull it and he gets the top edge that landed directly into Gill's hands.

18.46 IST: Cummins to Warner, FOUR! The skipper breaks the shackles and lofts the ball over long-off for a boundary.

18.41 IST: Kuldeep to Shankar, DOT BALL! Excellent over from the leggie, only four runs from it. Pressure on Warner now.

18.35 IST: Lockie to Pandey, OUT! CASTLED! Ferguson was right on the money with that fiery yorker as Pandey departs for 6.

18.25 IST: Varun to Bairstow, OUT! MASSIVE BLOW! Jonny tries to clear the rope and Russell takes a good catch at long-off.

18.20 IST: Lockie to Priyam, OUT! BOWLED! The Kiwi outsmarts the young Indian batsman with a well-disguised slower one.

18.17 IST: Varun to Bairstow, FOUR! Little bit of room and Jonny cuts it hard into the gap for a boundary.

18.10 IST: Lockie to Williamson, OUT! Ferguson strikes on his very first ball of the season and it's his national team skipper Kane Williamson. Good short ball from Lockie as Williamson tries to cut it but find the fielder at boundary rope.

18.05 IST: Mavi to Bairstow, FOUR! Little bit of width and Jonny cuts it through backward square point for a boundary.

18.02 IST: Mavi to Williamson, SIX! Kane's injury is working in SRH's favour as he slamming the big shots instead of taking quick singles.

17.59 IST: Cummins to Bairstow, FOUR! Poor length and Bairstow pulls it over backward square leg for a boundary.

17.56 IST: Cummins to Williamson, FOUR! CLASS! Too full from Cummins and Williamson just chips it over mid-wicket for a four.

17.55 IST: Russell to Bairstow, FOUR! Back of a length delivery and Jonny makes room for himself to slam it hard for another boundary.

17.51 IST: Russell to Williamson, FOUR! That's a trademark Kane backfoot punch through covers for an exquisite boundary.

17.48 IST: Varun to Bairstow, FOUR! SMACKED! Jonny judges the length early and sweeps it into the gap for a boundary.

17.45 IST: Mavi to Williamson, FOUR! Back to Back boundaries for Kane as this time, there was enough room for him to cut it through point for a boundary.

17.45 IST: Mavi to Williamson, FOUR! Length ball and Kane drives it elegantly through covers for a boundary.

17.39 IST: Cummins to Bairstow, DOUBLE! Good tight over from Cummins as he troubled Jonny with his pace and strict line. Only two runs from it.

* Pat Cummins to start the proceedings with new ball

* SUPRISE, new opening pair for SRH as Kane Williamson comes out to bat with Jonny Bairstow

17.33 IST: KKR must be happy for posing a decent target for SRH after some tight bowling from the likes of Vijay Shankar (20/1), Sandeep Sharma (27/1) and Rashid Khan (28/1) in the middle overs. Eoin Morgan (34 off 23) and Dinesh Karthik (29* off 14) took the side past 160 after some brisk hitting in the death overs. However, with Shubman Gill (36), Nitish Rana (29) and Rahul Tripathi (23) not converting their good start into a big knock mean KKR think tank has plenty to worry about. It's now up to the KKR bowlers to redeem themselves after their horror show in 8-wicket loss to Mumbai Indians earlier this week.

17.21 IST: Thampi to Morgan, OUT! Morgan is caught at long-off off the last ball. He should still be satisfied for taking KKR to a good total.

17.19 IST: Thampi to Morgan, SIX! Morgan lofts it high and wide over the square leg for a maximum.

17.17 IST: Thampi to Morgan, FOUR! Morgan lofts it over the long-off and despite Rashid Khan's best effort to save the boundary, his knee touched the boundary rope. That boundary also brings up 50-run partnership between Morgan and Karthik.

17.14 IST: Thampi to bowl the final over.

17.13 IST: Natarajan to Karthik, SIX! Karthik finishes the over with a six over the deep mid-wicket region. 14 runs off it.

17.11 IST: Natarajan to Karthik, FOUR! Karthik hammers a yorker outside the off stump for a boundary down the ground the through long-off.

17.04 IST: Sandeep to Karthik, ONE RUN! Karthik takes another quick single for six runs from the over.

17.02 IST: Thampi to Karthik, FOUR! Karthik finds the gap through the cover region for his first boundary. 10 runs come from the over.

17.01 IST: Thampi to Morgan, FOUR! Morgan edges it for a boundary over the third man.

16.58 IST: Thampi to Karthik, NO RUN! Thampi starts his third over with a dot.

16.55 IST: Sandeep to Karthik, ONE RUN! Karthik takes another quick single for six runs from the over.

16.53 IST: Sandeep to Karthik, SINGLE! That was fourth back-to-back single in the over.

16.49 IST: Thampi to Russell, OUT! Russell is caught at deep mid-wicket after scoring just nine. KKR in crisis yet again.

16.48 IST: Update: Kane Williamson is off the field with an injury. Injured his arms while diving to save a boundary at the point.

16.46 IST: Thampi to Morgan, FOUR! Morgan shots it for a boundary over long-off to bring up KKR's 100 in 15th over.

16.45 IST: Thampi to Russell, NO BALL! Morgan will take the strike for the free hit as Russell takes a single.

16.43 IST: Rashid to Morgan, NO RUN! That's third and final dot ball of the over as Rashid finishes his 4-over spell with a wicket for 28 runs.

16.39 IST: Shankar to Russell, FOUR! Rusell opens his account with a powerful boundary over the cover region. Vijay Shankar can still pat his back as he finishes his spell with just 20 runs for a wicket.

16.37 IST: Skipper Eoin Morgan is the next out to bat at no.5.

16.36 IST: Shankar to Rana, OUT! Early into the shot and Rana miscues it high only to see it grabbed by Priyam Garg, who took another brilliant catch on the run.

16.34 IST: Rashid to Rana, ONE RUN! Rashid makes a strong comeback after conceding a six in the over.

16.33 IST: Andre Russell walks into the middle and will be at the non-striker's end.

16.31 IST: Rashid to Shubman, OUT! Rana's half-hearted shot finds Priyam Garg running from long-on to take a diving catch.

16.31 IST: Rashid to Rana, SIX! Rana punishes a slightly over-pitched delivery for a six over long-on! It won't be wrong to say Rana got under Rashid's skin.

16.28 IST: Shankar to Rana, ONE RUN! Williamson spectacularly saves a boundary at the point with a dive to his left. Just three runs comes from the over.

16.27 IST: Shankar to Shubman, NO RUN! This makes three dot balls out of four deliveries so far.

16.24 IST: Rashid to Rana, FOUR! A gift in full toss is duly hit for another boundary over mid-wicket.

16.23 IST: Rashid to Rana, FOUR! A full delivery by Rashid is punished for a boundary over long-off.

16.15 IST: Shankar to Rana, ONE RUN! Seven runs off the over and KKR won't mind it as it was most expensive over for the side since Tripathi's fall.

16.15 IST: Shankar to Rana, FOUR! Rana shuffles it over the cover region for his first boundary.

16.11 IST: Rashid to Rana, ONE RUN! A tidy start to his spell for Rashid with just four runs off the first over.

16.09 IST: Rashid Khan is introduced into the attack by David Warner for the first time in the match.

16.07 IST: Shankar to Shubman, FOUR! Shankar must be frustrated there! After bowling four dots Sandeep drops a half-chance at gully only to see it race towards the boundary.

16.03 IST: Nitish Rana joins Shubman in the middle as Vijay Shankar will bowl the seventh over.

16.02 IST: Natarajan to Tripathi, OUT! Natrajan's slow delivery surprises Tripathi as his wild swing misses the ball and disturbs the furniture.

16.00 IST: The match has been stopped for the time being as Rahul Tripathi receives treatment on his left arm.

16.00 IST: Natarajan to Shubman, FOUR! Guides it through the deep mid-wicket to keep the run flowing.

15.58 IST: Natarajan to Tripathi, ONE RUN! Tripathi has hurt his arm there as Natarajan's awkward bounce took him by surprise.

15.55 IST: Thampi to Shubman, NO RUN! Nevertheless another good over for KKR with 14 runs off it.

15.53 IST: Thampi to Shubman, FOUR! Shubman has certainly taken a liking in Thampi as he plays it square of the wicket for the third boundary in as many deliveries.

15.52 IST: Thampi to Shubman, FOUR! This time it's all class as he swings the bat over the cow corner for a consecutive boundary.

15.51 IST: Thampi to Shubman, FOUR! Fortunate for Shubman as he edges it to the third man boundary for his first boundary of the game.

15.50 IST: Natarajan to Tripathi, FOUR! Tripathi on a roll as he places it towards fine leg to finish the over. A productive over with 13 runs.

15.47 IST: Natarajan to Tripathi, SIX! Tripathi lofts it over the bowlers head for first six of the match.

15.47 IST: Natarajan to Tripathi, SIX! Tripathi lofts it over the bowlers head for first six of the match.

15.44 IST: Sandeep to Shubman, ONE RUN! Another tight over from Sandeep as he gives away just three singles in the over.

15.40 IST: Thampi to Tripathi, TWO! Shubman pushes it to the fine leg for a double; 6 runs come off the over.

15.37 IST: Thampi to Shubman, CATCH DROPPED! Rashid Khan drops a sitter running in from fine leg.

15.32 IST: Sandeep to Tripathi, FOUR! Rahul hits the first boundary over the square of the wicket for KKR.

15.30 IST: Sandeep Sharma will start with the new ball to Shubman Gill.

15.07 IST: Playing XI of SRH is out

Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Jonny Bairstow(w), Manish Pandey, Kane Williamson, Priyam Garg, Vijay Shankar, Abdul Samad, Rashid Khan, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan, Basil Thampi

15.05 IST: Playing XI of KKR is out

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Rahul Tripathi, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w), Eoin Morgan(c), Andre Russell, Pat Cummins, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav, Lockie Ferguson, Varun Chakravarthy

15.00 IST: SRH skipper David Warner wins toss and elects to bowl first against KKR

14.40 IST: Hello and welcome to our live blog of SRH vs KKR live IPL match from Abu Dhabi

Brief Preview: Both, the Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad are in the race for the top-4, and the match between them on Sunday will be crucial to their chances of staying in the heated fight for the playoff qualification. KKR's inconsistent performances have let them down, and the captaincy change in the middle of the season has further raised eyebrows among experts and fans, including former KKR captain and two-time IPL winner Gautam Gambhir. [BRIEF PREVIEW]



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