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Highlights, India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 2: Ashwin double rocks Sri Lanka India declare at 622/9d

India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 2: R Ashwin picked up 2/38 to dent Sri Lanka after India piled on a massive total of 622/9d in first innings.

Reported by: Aditya Chauhan , Colombo [ Updated: August 04, 2017 17:21 IST ]
Image Source : GETTY IMAGES A file image of R Ashwin.

India end day 3 in a commanding position against hosts Sri Lanka. Lanka have lost both their openers, they still trail by another 572 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin is spinning a web around the Lankan batsmen and he already has two scalps to his name. Dinesh Chandimal and Kusal Mendis have taken the attacking approach and both will have to stitch a big partnership if the home side are eyeing to get anywhere close to the visitors total.

The pitch is providing a lot of assistance to the spinners and it will only get tougher for the batsmen. The Indian spinners will do the majority of the bowling tomorrow and try to get the purchase off the roughs whereas Sri Lanka will bank on their experienced batsmen to get them out of this mess. Join us for day 3 tomorrow at 1000 local (0430 GMT). Till then cheers and take care! ( SCORECARD)


17.08 IST: So, India are in a commanding position heading into Day 3. Sri Lanka have lost both their openers with only 40 on the board and they still trail by another 572 runs. Ravichandran Ashwin is spinning a web around the Lankan batsmen and he already has two scalps to his name. Dinesh Chandimal and Kusal Mendis have taken the attacking approach and both will have to stitch a big partnership if the home side are to get close to the visitors total.

17.06 IST: Sri Lanka 50/2 at stumps, trail IND (622/9d) by 572 runs. Mendis 16*, Chandimal 8*, Ashwin 2/38

17.04 IST: FOUR! That came out of nowehere! What a last over this is turning out to be for the hosts! 10 runs off it already. Tossed up around middle and off, Mendis kneels down and slog sweeps it over mid-wicket for a boundary.

17.00 IST: FOUR! A rare boundary! Tossed up around off, spinning in, Mendis kneels down and goes through with slog sweep. Doesn't time it well but still gets enough behind on it it to get it through to square leg fence.

16.55 IST: Ashwin too follows Jadeja with a maiden over. SL 40/2 in 18 overs

16.53 IST: Another maiden from Jadeja. SL 40/2

16.43 IST: SIX! Chandimal hits Ashwin for a maximum over deep square leg. What a shot. Flighted ball on off, Chandimal gets down on one knee and sweeps it over the square leg fence for a biggie. SL 39/2

16.41 IST: OUT! Ashwin strikes again, removes Karunaratne for 25. The ball finally takes the outside edge. Karunaratne's struggle comes to an end. Ashwin tosses it up on off, the ball turns away and takes the outside edge to first slip where Rahane takes it comfortably. Sri Lanka are in deep trouble here. They have lost their second. SL 33/2 vs IND (622/9d). Captain Dinesh Chandimal walks out to bat.

16.38 IST: Ashwin gives away just two runs. SL 31/1 in 13 overs

16.35 IST: FOUR! Glorious! Full outside off, driven sweetly off the front foot straight down the ground. Gets it past mid off and to the fence behind. SL 29/1

16.31 IST: NOT OUT! Such a waste of a review! Landed outside off, spinning away, Mendis prods forward to defend but is late in bringing his bat down and gets rapped on the pads. The players appeal but the umpire stays put. After a huge discussion, Kohli goes for the review. The Hawk Eye shows that the impact was outside off and going on to miss the stumps by a long way. India lose their first review. SL 25/1

16.25 IST: Jadeja is getting turn too. Both the spinners making life difficult for the Lankan batsmen. SL 19/1 in 9 overs 

16.16 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is introduced into the attack. And he starts with a maiden!

16.12 IST: FOUR! Just a push! Full outside off, Karunaratne just leans into the shot and drives it through mid off for the first boundary of the innings. Beautiful to watch this! SL 9/1 in 5 overs

15.59 IST: OUT! Ashwin removes Tharanga for duck! Rahul has hold on to a stunner! Slanting into the batsman, Tharanga stays back and works it on the leg side. Rahul at short leg hops to get out of harm's way. But, the ball hits him on the shoulders and deflects into his stomach region. SL 0/1 vs IND (622/9d)

15.55 IST: Shami starts with a maiden! R Ashwin will bowl from the other end.

15.52 IST: Indian players are out in the middle. Mohammed Shami to start the proceedings for India. Sri Lankan openers Karunaratne and Tharanga have taken their positions. Here we go...

15.45 IST: They now have 20 overs to have a go at the Lankan batting and will look for an early break. The pitch has also started to take turn and this might just go against the home side. The first step for the Islanders would be to see off the day safely. India might start with the spin. But, you never know. Join us shortly for the second innings...

15.40 IST: India declare 1st innings at 622/9. Jadeja 70*. Kohli calls the last Indian batting pair back to the dressing room. The visitors have piled up a massive 622 runs. Four batsmen scored 50-plus scores while there were two centurions in Pujara and Rahane. The hosts were dismal with their bowling. They were all around with their pitching and were taken apart by the opposition batsmen.

15.38 IST: FOUR! Umesh hits Perera for a boundary! Floats it on leg stump, Umesh goes for the sweep and gets it off the inner half through square leg for a boundary.

15.33 IST: SIX! Jadeja hits Herath for a maximum over long on. IND 614/9

15.27 IST: FOUR! Jadeja brings up India's 600 with a boundary off Perera. Jadeja comes down the track, Perera drags it short. Jadeja adjusts and guides it through short third man for a boundary.

15.25 IST: OUT! Herath removes Shami for 19. Shami goes for the big shot again but fails this time and gets caught by Tharanga. Shami holes out! The 9th one down for India. Shami departs after doing his job. Herath drags his length back on middle, Shami tries to pull but gets a top edge towards Tharanga at deep mid-wicket who pouches it safely. Rangana gets his fourth. India are 2 runs away form 600. IND 598/9. Umesh Yadav walks out next.

15.23 IST: SIX! Back-to-back! Shami loves Herath's bowling. Another biggie for Shami. Dances down the wicket and hits it over long off this time for a huge maximum. He is striking it well here.

15.23 IST: SIX! Shami hits Herath for a maximum. You dare call Shami a tailender. Uses his feet and hits it over the long on fence for a biggie.

15.20 IST: FOUR! Top shot by Shami! Comes down the track and hits it over mid off for a boundary. These are handy runs for India. IND 584/8

15.16 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Jadeja. Fires it on leg stump, Jadeja flicks it fine down the leg side and the ball races to the fence. He also brings up his fifty and performs his trademark celebration. Jadeja hits 8th Test fifty. IND 578/8

15.14 IST: FOUR! Shorter outside off, Jadeja cuts it through point. Runs are coming thick and fast here.

15.12 IST: OUT! Herath removes Saha for 67. Saha departs after playing a good knock. That turned and bounced of the wicket. Tosses it on off stump, the ball turns sharply. Saha tries to push it but gets beaten by the away turn and in the process drags his back leg out of the crease. Dickwella collects the ball and whips the bails off in a flash. Saha walks back to a standing ovation from his coach. IND 568/8. Mohammed Shami walks out to bat.

15.06 IST: SIX! There was a fielder positioned there but it does not make a difference to Saha. He comes down the track and hits it with the spin over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. We might see a lot more of this attacking approach from India now. IND 563/7

15.00 IST: We are underway for the third and final session. The players and the umpires are out in the middle. Ravindra Jadeja and Wriddhiman Saha will continue their innings. Dhananjaya de Silva will bowl the first over after the break.

14.45 IST: Another session in which India pile up more than 100 runs. They continue to march on and now are inching closer to 600. The session started off in the same fashion as the first one. Sri Lanka got the early breakthrough but then got frustrated, first via the Saha-Pandya partnership and then by the ongoing Saha-Jadeja stand. The hosts are already behind in this Test and if they don't scalp the last few wickets quickly, they are in for a drubbing. Declaration would be one question on everyone's mind. So, to find out what Kohli feels is enough, join us back for the final session of the day.

14.40 IST: INDIA 553/7 in 150 overs at tea on Day 2. Saha (59*) Jadeja (37*)

14.36 IST: FOUR! 550 up for India. Dropped and that is four runs. It was hit very hard though! Full on middle and off, Jadeja drills it hard straight back. De Silva stretches his hands, gets a fingertip to it but fails to hold onto it. The ball still manages to beat long off and run to the fence. Tough luck, Dhananjaya! IND 551/7

14.35 IST: 50-run partnership between Saha (57) and Jadeja (33). IND 547/7

14.32 IST: SIX! Another six for Jadeja, he pulls this away with power. IND 544/7

14.28 IST: Good over for Sri Lanka, 6 runs off it. IND 538/7 in 147 overs

14.25 IST: MAIDEN! Dilruwan Perera bowls a tidy line. IND 532/7

14.22 IST: 5 runs from de Silva's over. IND 532/7

Dhananjaya de Silva will bowl for the first time today.

14.15 IST: SIX! Into the stands! Tossed up around off, spinning in, Jadeja dances down the track and goes after it. Clubs it over long on for a biggie. He is down waiting. IND 525/7 in 143 overs

14.11 IST: FIFTY! Saha brings up his half-century with a single. This is his fifth half-century in Test cricket, IND 519/7

14.05 IST: Tight bowling from Lankans at the moment. IND 516/7  

13.57 IST: FOUR! Pushpakumara drops it short and pays the price as Saha goes on the backfoot and pulls back with ease. He has been solid and has put the bad balls away all day long. IND 512/7 in 139 overs

13.55 IST: 2 runs from Perera's over. IND 508/7 

13.52 IST: Dilruwan Perera comes back into the attack.

13.47 IST: 2 runs from Herath's over after the drinks. IND 503/7 in 136 overs

Time for Drinks. It will be interesting to see how many more runs India would want to add before declaring.

13.40 IST: 3 runs from Pushpakumara's over. IND 501/7 in 135 overs

13.38 IST: 500 up for India. They become the first team to score 500 plus in consecutive Tests against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka.

Ravindra Jadeja is the next batsman to step in.

13.32 IST: OUT! Pushpakumara has the last laugh as Pandya's (20) cameo comes to an end. Malinda gives it air on off, he comes down the track and tries to go big but holes out to Mathews at long off. Pushpakumara gets his second and he is happy about it. India have lost their seventh wicket. IND 496/7

13.30 IST: FOUR! Back to back boundaries from Pandya.He is taking the attack to Pushpakumara now. Pandya plays the slog sweep through mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 496/6 

13.29 IST: FOUR! Short from Pushpakumara and Pandya smashes it hard to the fence. IND 492/6 

13.23 IST: FOUR! CRUNCHED! Pandya comes down the track and smashes it straight back past the bowler for a boundary. That almost took the umpire along, he did well to get out of the way. IND 486/6

13.20 IST: FOUR BYES! That spit of the surface! Tosses it up on off, Saha gets some extra bounce and turn which beats the batsman and the keeper and races to the fence. IND 480/6 in 130 overs

13.16 IST: NOT OUT! Sri Lanka have lost both their reviews now but this was close. Tosses it up on leg stump, Pandya tries to defend it but gets beaten by the away turn and the ball hits the waist. The Lankans appeal but the umpire remains put. After a chat with his teammates, Chandimal decides to review. Replays show there is no inside edge but the ball is bouncing over the stumps. The on field call stays. Pandya survives. IND 474/6

13.15 IST: Once again a LBW referral from SL, however, against Hardik Pandya this time off Pushpakumara's bowling. This looks close!

13.12 IST: NOT OUT! Yes that is missing leg stump! A review in desperation! That never looked out. Bowls an arm ball on leg stump, Saha plants his front foot forward and tries to defend it but misses and the ball hits the front pad. The Lankans appeal and the umpire gives it not out. Chandimal after a chat with his teammates decides to review. The replays show there was no inside edge but the ball is missing the leg stump. The on field call stays. IND 470/6 in 128 overs

13.10 IST: Sri Lanka ask for a LBW REVIEW for Saha!

13.08 IST: 3 runs from Pushpakumara's over. IND 470/6 in 127 overs

12.56 IST: FOUR! Saha comes down the track and lofts it over the mid off fielder for a boundary. IND 459/6 in 124 overs

Hardik Pandya walks out to bat. Will he go all guns blazing? Or will he and Saha continue to frustrate the hosts?

12.49 IST: OUT! Herath removes Ashwin (54). Herath gets his revenge! Lovely bowling from the wily veteran. Just like the first session Lankans get an early breakthrough. Flatter on off stump, Ashwin makes room to cut it but gets beaten and the ball takes the off stump. He gets to his fifty and departs the next ball. A nothing shot from Ashwin. Rangana gets his second. IND 451/6 in 122 overs

Ashwin also completes 2000 Test runs!

12.48 IST: FIFTY for Ashwin! This is R Ashwin's 11th Test fifty, he completes it with a huge six. Comes down the track and lofts it over the long on fence for a maximum. He brings it up his half-century in style. That was a classic hit.  IND 451/5

12.45 IST: Just two runs from the first over after lunch. IND 444/5 in 121 overs

12.40 IST: We're back for the second session on Day 2 of Colombo Test. The players and the umpires are out in the middle. Ashwin and Saha will continue their innings. Debutant Pushpakumara to start off with the ball.

12.15 IST: The pitch has started to show some wear and tear which are not good signs for the home side. The visitors would look to add some quick runs after the break as the wicket is going to deteriorate even more. Join us in a while for the second session.

So, Sri Lanka will be happy with the session but India are still in firm control here. The Lankans started the day well when Karunaratne provided an early breakthrough by removing Pujara. Rahane and Ashwin built a partnership but a lapse in concentration from the former cost him his wicket. The home side has opted for a defensive approach which has not let the pressure build on the Indian batsmen.

12.02 IST: Just three runs from the over. IND 442/5 in 120 overs. R Ashwin (47*), W Saha (16*) at lunch on Day 2 of Colombo Test

Last over before lunch and still Sri Lanka have opted for a defensive field.

11.55 IST: Dilruwan Perera bowls a tidy over, just two runs from it. IND 438/5  

11.46 IST: Ashwin gets a leading edge on the final delivery of Dilruwan Perera, it was in the air but falls wide from the bowler. IND 432/5 in 116 overs

11.42 IST: FOUR! Saha gets bottom an edge while attempting a sweep shot against Pushpakumara. IND 430/5 in 115 overs

11.33 IST: MAIDEN! Pushpakumara bowls a tight line and length to the Indian batsmen. IND 421/5 in 113 overs

11.30 IST: FOUR! Good shot from Saha, he is looking to dominate Lankan bowlers right from the start. IND 421/5

11.25 IST: OUT! MAIDEN INTERNATIONAL WICKET FOR PUSHPAKUMARA! Rahane gone for 132. IND 413/5 in 111 overs

11.17 IST: FOUR! Brave shot from Ravichandran Ashwin, he hits it between short cover-point and backward point.  IND 412/4 in 109 overs

11.10 IST: 5 runs came off Malinda Pushpakumara's over. IND 405/4 in 107 overs

Drinks are on the field now. Dimuth Karunaratne provided the vital breakthrough removing Pujara but then failed to capitalize on it. Since then Rahane and Ashwin have gelled along well and are amidst a useful partnership. The hosts will have to scalp some quick wickets to get back into the game.

11.00 IST: 400 comes up for India! Also, the 50-run stand between Rahane (126*) and Ashwin (28*). IND 400/4 in 106 overs 

10.55 IST: FOUR! Short and outside off, Ashwin cuts it through cover-point for a boundary. That was a nothing ball from Rangana. IND 393/4 in 105 overs

10.48 IST: Defended off the front foot by Ashwin presenting the full face of the bat, another probing over from Herath. IND 383/4 in 103 overs

10.44 IST: FOUR! The inevitable freebie from Perera! Short and outside off, Rahane punches it through the off side for a run. IND 382/4 in 102 overs

Dilruwan Perera replaces Karunaratne in the attack.

10.40 IST: MAIDEN! Herath bowls another maiden, Ashwin finds hard to rotate the strike. IND 377/4 in 101 overs

10.35 IST: FOUR! Poor line! Sprays on the pads, Ashwin flicks it to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Easy pickings at his pace. IND 374/4 in 99.2 overs

10.26 IST: MAIDEN! Rangana Herath bowls a tight line. IND 367/4 in 97 overs

10.19 IST: FOUR! Rahane comes down the track and hits it straight over the bowler's head for a boundary.  IND 364/4 in 95 overs

10.15 IST: FOUR! Pure timing from R Ashwin this time, beautiful shot for a boundary. IND 360/4 in 94 overs

10.12 IST: FOUR! Streaky boundary for R Ashwin, Herath deceived him. IND 355/4 in 93 overs

Ravichandran Ashwin is the new man in.

10.08 IST: Cheteshwar Pujara (133) OUT lbw b Dimuth Karunaratne. India have lost their fourth wicket. IND 350/4 in 92 overs

10.07 IST: There is a review for LBW against Pujara. Looks very close. Height might be a factor.  

10.06 IST: FOUR! Can't bowl on the pads to this guy. Pujara flicks it through mid-wicket for a boundary. First of the day. IND 350/3 in 91.5 overs

Dimuth Karunaratne comes on to bowl. Just a wide slip for him. Also, Nuwan Pradeep is still injured and is seen sitting out. Danushka Gunathilaka has come on for him.

10.03 IST: Tidy start from Sri Lanka, just two runs from the over.  IND 346/3 in 91 overs

09.58 IST: The players and the umpires are out in the middle. Rahane and Pujara will continue their innings. Dilruwan Perera will open the bowling for today. Similar field for him to Day 1, a slip and a short leg. Here we go...

09.51 IST: 

09.40 IST: Russel Arnold feels the pitch still looks the same. He reckons the pitch looks full of runs. He mentions there is sharp turn from the good length area. Admits this pitch is slower than the pitch at Galle. He ends by saying today and tomorrow will be the best day's for batting.

09.30 IST: 

Day 1 Report:

Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane scored centuries and shared an unbroken 211-run partnership for the fourth wicket as a dominant India ended the first day of the second Test against Sri Lanka on 344/3 Thursday. 

Pujara faced 225 deliveries and was unbeaten on 128, hitting 10 boundaries and a six. It was his 13th century in his 50th Test. He has continued his top form from the first Test when he scored 153 in the first innings. Rahane was not out on 103 in 168 deliveries with 12 boundaries. It was his ninth test century.

The pair came together in the second session when Sri Lanka grabbed two quick wickets after India had won the toss and chose to bat.


Spinners Dilruwan Perera and Perera and Rangana Herath took a wicket each for Sri Lanka.

India added 106 runs in the final session without losing a wicket. (READ FULL REPORT)

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