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Good Taliban, bad Taliban, Good terror, bad terror-This won't work: PM Modi attacks Pak

Dubai: Pitching for a "decisive battle" against terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight asked countries to choose if they are with sponsors of the menace or against them as he underlined that dialogue is the

India TV News Desk [ Updated: August 17, 2015 23:27 IST ]
good terrorism bad terrorism this won t work says pm modi
good terrorism bad terrorism this won t work says pm modi

Dubai: Pitching for a "decisive battle" against terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight asked countries to choose if they are with sponsors of the menace or against them as he underlined that dialogue is the only way to resolve all issues with neighbours.

Modi, without naming Pakistan, said that India wants good relations with all neighbouring countries. "I keep telling all neighbouring countries that like all people who have chosen the path of violence will have to come to the dialogue table at some point of time, similarly dialogue is the only way to resolve issues."

The Prime Minister, who wrapped up his two-day visit to UAE, told a gathering of around 50,000 Indians at the Dubai International Cricket stadium that the message of collective fight against terrorism which has emanated from here will be "understood" by those sponsoring terrorism, in an apparent reference to Pakistan.

"Samajnewale samajh jayenge. Akalmand ko ishara kaafi hai (Those who need to understand will get the message. Signal is enough for them. Those involved in terrorism must be punished and this message has come out clearly from here," he said while referring to the India-UAE joint statement which talked about collective fight against terrorism.

Speaking just ahead of the NSA-level talks with Pakistan on August 23, Modi said India has been a victim of terrorism for last 40 years, with innocent people being killed but the world has realised its impact only now.

"Terrorism does not have any boundary... Everyone will have to decide whether they are with terrorism or against it," the Prime Minister said in his 70-minute address.

He said "false distinction" between good terrorism and bad terrorism will not work and action must be taken against all those involved in perpetrating violence.

"Good Taliban, bad Taliban. Good terror, bad terror...This won't work. Time has come now for a decisive battle between those supporting terrorism and those believing in humanity," he said.

Modi, who was on a two-day visit to the United Arab Emirates, today addressed the Marhaba Namo, which is being touted as another Madison Square Garden-like event.

The 'Marhaba Namo' is being hailed as unprecedented in the history of the UAE where for the first time a visiting head of state has been allowed a reception on this scale.

Here is the highlight of PM Modi's speech:

* Hum passport ka rang nhi dekhte, humaare liye dharti ka naata kaafi hai (We do not see colour of passports, our connection to motherland is enough): PM Modi

* I know you have many complaints regarding Embassy (Crowd answers 'No'), It's good if you don't have any, but in case you have, we have started an online portal 'MADAD': PM Modi

Modi in Dubai

* When I was selling tea, couldn't get even one rupee: Modi to Indian diaspora

* Even a tea can't be bought with one rupee nowadays: PM Modi

* Even poorest can pay that amount: PM in Dubai

* We started an insurance scheme where you have to only pay one rupee per month: PM Modi

* There wasn't a single stand alone visit by any Indian PM to Sri Lanka after Rajiv Gandhi ji, before my visit: PM Narendra Modi

* We defined border with Bangladesh, helped Nepal after earthquake and re-established ties with Sri-Lanka: PM Modi in Dubai

* Our effort has been to take India to new heights of progress and maintain strong relationship with our neighbours: PM Modi

* Humne Maldives ko pyaasa nhi rehne diya; har pal Afghanistan ko marham lagaane ka kaam Hindustan karta aaya hai (We did not left Maldives thirsty, India has been helping Afghanistan for a long time): PM Narendra Modi

* The path of terror will never benefit anyone : PM

* I'm bringing it up as an ex that every conflict can only be resolved through peaceful dialogue: PM Modi in Dubai

* Nagaland was dealing with insurgency for a long time, recently a treaty was signed to ensure peace in North-eastern region: PM Modi

* World's inclination towards India has increased, we must take advantage of this and take our nation to new heights of development: PM Modi

* India is a country where 65 percent of population are below 35 years of age: PM Modi

* The time has come for all nations who believe in humanity to stand against those who support terrorism or perpetrators of terrorism: PM Modi in Dubai

* Everyone must decide whether they're with terrorism or humanity: PM Modi

* Good Taliban, bad Taliban, good terrorism, bad terrorism- this won't work: PM Modi

* World needs to unite to against terrorism: PM Modi

* We are victims of terrorism for 40 years, innocent people have lost lives: PM Modi 

* India-UAE joint statement carries a strong message against terrorism. It is a clear hint to those who indulge in terror: PM Modi takes a dig at Pakistan

* The way the world is seeing India has changed. And the reason is the 125 crore people of India: PM Modi in Dubai

* Crowd answers 'Modi Modi'

* Duniya ka Hindustan ki taraf dekhne ka nazariya badal gya hai, kya kaaran hai?

* UAE has supported India's candidature for permanent membership at UN Security Council: PM Modi

* Aantankvaad mein lipt logon ko sazaa honi chaahiye, ye spasht shabdon mein sanket yahan se nikla hai (The people associated with terrorism should be punished, this message was sent from here in clear words): PM Modi

* Aantakvaad ke khilaaf ekta ka swar aaj iss dharti se utha hai, mai ise bahut aham (important) maanta hun (The united voice that was raised against terrorism from this soil today, I think it is very important): PM Modi

* Crown Prince has promised an investment of 4.5 lakh crores in India: PM Modi

* PM Narendra Modi asks the gathering to give standing ovation to Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

* Extremely grateful to Crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Emirates and UAE rulers, should every Indian thank him? PM Modi

* I thank the crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zyed Al Nahyan for allotting land to build a temple in Abu Dhabi: PM Modi

* People who know about Abu Dhabi also know what a big step it is to provide land for an Indian temple to be set up there: PM Modi

* Crown Prince, his brothers received me at airport. This is respect for India's changing place in World: PM Modi

* Unme se ek achha kaam hai mera Abu Dhabi ana, mera Dubai mein ana: PM Narendra Modi (One of them is me coming to Abu Dhabi, me coming to Dubai): Narendra Modi

* Kabhi kabhi mujhe lagta hai ki bahut saare achhe achhe kaam hain jo purv ke log mere liye baaki chhod kar chale gaye (Sometimes I think my predecessors left some great works for me to do): PM Modi

* There are 700 flights between India & Dubai but it took 34 years for an Indian PM to come here: PM Modi

* Today I take pride in saying,that Indians working hard in Gulf countries had a major contributions in filling nation's treasury: PM Modi

* Many sanctions were imposed on India, nation was facing economic threats, Atal ji then called on Indian community spread across World: PM

* When Atal ji was PM, India conducted a Nuclear test, the World was shocked, some people were even angry about that: PM Modi

* Bharat mein agar baarish hoti hai to Dubai mein baitha Bharatwaasi chhaata khol deta hai (When it rains in India, Indians living in Dubai open their (umbrella): PM Modi in Dubai

* Heart of every Indian living in Dubai aches when a natural disasters strikes our country

* Dubai is not just 'mini India', it is now a 'mini world'

* I see before me a mini-India

* Bharat ke kone kone se aaye mere pyaare deshwaasiyon ko mai naman karta hun (I salute my countrymen who have come here from all corners of India): PM Modi

Dubai stadium Modi

* PM Narendra Modi arrives at Dubai cricket stadium amidst chants of ‘Modi Modi'

* There are around 70,000 people inside the stadium. Many more are outside the stadium.

* PM Modi will speak at 9.30 pm (IST) at the mega reception billed as "Marhaba (welcome) NaMo". Gates of the stadium opened hours earlier. 

Modi in UAE

Marhaba Namo

Namo in Dubai

* Excitement builds up at Dubai Cricket Stadium where PM Modi will address Indian diaspora

The seating capacity inside the stadium is 30,000, an additional 15,000 will be accommodated outside the stadium, where food stalls, DJs and two large video walls will broadcast Modi's speech live.

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is organizing around 200 public buses to take people to and from the stadium.

Giant screens outside the stadium have been put up to display the event live for people unable to enter the stadium.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, Anurag Bhushan, Indian consul general, said: "We are privileged that Modi has decided to pay a visit which comes after 34 years after the last visit made by the then prime minister, Indira Gandhi, in 1981. The fact that he is coming here on a standalone visit makes the Indian community justifiably proud. We want this to be a momentous and memorable event."

Five ambulances - three for the stadium and two for the spillover crowd - have been deployed. A team of 55 health-care professionals comprising 30 doctors, 12 paramedics and 13 nurses will be in attendance. They will be split in teams of five attending to medical emergencies inside and outside the stadium, said

The UAE is home to 2.6 million Indian workers.

Photo credits: Aakriti Thakur

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