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Inside the world's best fighter jet F-22A

New Delhi: The F-22A Raptor advanced tactical fighter entered service with the US Air Force in December 2005. The F-22A Raptor is a supersonic, dual-engine fighter jet, which has won the 2006 Robert J Collier

PTI PTI Updated on: January 26, 2013 6:33 IST

The availability of the cheaper and more-versatile F-35 fighter aircraft has resulted in production ceasing on the F-22 fighter jet.

By 1990 Lockheed Martin, teamed with Boeing and General Dynamics, had built and flown the demonstration prototype aircraft, designated YF-22. The first F-22 fighter aircraft was unveiled in April 1997 and was given the name Raptor.

In September 2002, the USAF decided to redesignate the aircraft F/A-22 to reflect its multi-mission capability in ground attack as well as air-to-air roles.  

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