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10 tips for you to build a healthy relationship

We all want a healthy relationship, ain't we? It feels secure when we get into a healthy relationship. Thus, here in the article, we have shared a few tips for building a healthy relationship.

Written By : India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By : Kristina Das
New Delhi
Published on: January 22, 2024 18:45 IST
healthy relationship tips
Image Source : FREEPIK Tips for you to build a healthy relationship.

Couples yearn for affection, love, care, compatibility, and a vibe check as the New Year approaches. Setting and maintaining joint New Year's resolutions is crucial to a healthy, long-lasting partnership. Being there for your partner should come first, even when you may be very busy at work and under a lot of strain from life.

“Establishing relationship objectives can be an effective strategy for Indian couples negotiating the complexities of love, friendship, and partnership to deepen their bond. Goals are intended to encourage and direct couples towards developing happy relationships in the distinctive cultural setting of India, regardless of whether they are starting a new chapter in their relationship or hoping to strengthen an already strong one,” says Sybil Shidell, Country Manager, Gleeden, India.

Below are the 10 tips for you to build a healthy relationship and be a happy couple.

The Compatibility test

Imagine you are coming home and your partner initiates a deep conversation with you about the day, your household and the problems they are facing, sounds great right? This will help you pass the compatibility test. Make sure you never make your partner go to bed with a half-ended conversation and a lot of thoughts in their mind. A vibe check is very important for long-lasting relationships. If any one partner overthinks or has questions in their mind, be all ears to what they are trying to say and understand them.

Accepting the Cultures

Every religion and caste has different ways of celebrating different festivals. India is all about cultures with a sprinkle of different beliefs. Celebrate each other's festivals, big or small. This will not only give you peace but also make your partner happy as they will see your efforts in making a change and accepting each other's cultures. This acceptance will make sure that your relationship sees a different turn in terms of love and acceptance

Balance leads to a strong relationship

Every individual craves “Me time” and deserves it too, but balancing your “Me time” and “Private time” with your partner will build your relationship stronger. Giving time to yourself is very important and so is to your partner. You should start appreciating the time you spend with your partner be it for 5 minutes only. While spending time, communicating about each other's wants, needs, desires, goals and interests will help you understand your partner better.

Financial Discussions make relationships stronger

The world is moving at a fast pace, and so is time. In today’s world where they say “Not everything is meant to be shared with your partner” you have to break this stereotype and come forward by being transparent in terms of Financial discussions. Talk with your partner about budgets, and monthly financial discussions. When you accept each other's point of view it will encourage you to the long run in the relationship.

Making Mental Health a Priority on the Journey Together

The landscape for psychological wellness is gradually shifting, therefore relationships must give mental health the attention it deserves. It is essential to promote open conversations about mental health and to offer assistance when needed. If necessary, getting therapy or professional assistance creates a supportive setting where both partners can grow emotionally and mentally.

Equality and Mutual Respect is a must

Respecting each other and having equality in relationships is nothing but a pillar to a long-lasting relationship. When it comes to respect, respect each other's efforts, goals, points of view. And if we talk about a balanced relationship, a desirable relationship craves an environment where each partner feels valued and respected.

Try being each other's helping hand

The autonomy of household responsibilities greatly influences the depiction of relationships. Follow the famous saying “The couple that works together, eats together, Stays together” Try collaborating in household responsibilities, decision-making, and caregiving. This collaborative effort not only reduces workload but also promotes a sense of shared responsibility and teamwork.

Give time to Memorable Moments

It is important to prioritise quality over quantity in a world where time is of the essence. Make sure you prioritise your partner and their needs and spend quality time with each other. These moments, be they unplugged trips, romantic date evenings, or pastimes, solidify the emotional bond and serve to build the partnership.

Take a step forward a take the lead

Ups and downs in a relationship are natural, therefore being able to work through it together as a couple improves the way you can get along. Try being flexible and adaptable to the changes and challenges that life throws at you. In certain situations, providing unwavering guidance and support strengthens the bond.

Strengthening Trust and Forgiveness

Any long-lasting relationship requires trust, forgiveness, open conversations and affection. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner you’ll have to give all ears to what they are trying to communicate. Giving a second chance builds trust and affection in your relationship. Try to strengthen your relationship by trusting your partner and being available when they need you the most.

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