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When is Bhishma Ashtami 2024? Know date, ashtami tithi, significance and more

Bhishma Ashtami 2024 falls on February 16th. Explore date, tithi timings, the significance of honouring Bhishma Pitamah & ancestors, rituals, and ways to observe this auspicious Hindu festival.

Rahul Pratyush Written By: Rahul Pratyush New Delhi Published on: February 16, 2024 14:00 IST
Bhishma Ashtami 2024
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Bhishma Ashtami 2024: Date, significance and more

Bhishma Ashtami, a cherished Hindu festival, is a solemn tribute to Bhishma Pithamah, the illustrious warrior of the Mahabharata epic. This observance is a heartfelt acknowledgement of Bhishma Pitamah's departure from this mortal realm, believed to have occurred on this auspicious day. To honour his legacy, many Hindus choose to undertake a fast on the eighth day of the waxing moon in the month of Magha. This year, the reverent occasion of Bhishma Ashtami falls on February 16, 2024.

Bhishma Ashtami 2024: Date and Timings

Bhishma Ashtami 2024 Date: February 16, 2024

Ashtami Tithi Begins: 08:54 AM on February 16, 2024

Ashtami Tithi Ends: 08:15 AM on February 17, 2024

Bhishma Ashtami 2024: Significance

On the sacred day of Bhishma Ashtami, it is believed that venerating Bhishma bestows virtues such as righteousness, truth, and charity upon devotees. Bhishma, revered for his wisdom, imparted crucial knowledge about the Mahabharata War and the principles of Dharma to Dharmaraja. He relinquished his claim to the kingdom to honour his father and led a life of celibacy without marriage. Blessed with the power to choose his moment of departure, Bhishma peacefully passed away during the auspicious period of Uttarayana, ensuring his liberation or moksha.

Many devotees observe fasting rituals on this day and pay homage to Bhishma by lighting lamps and offering prayers in their homes. The customary act of Tarpan, offering water, smiles, and flowers, holds significance, as devotees also prioritise charitable donations of rice, lentils, clothes, and money to the less fortunate, symbolising reverence for their ancestral lineage. It is believed that neglecting to perform Tarpan on this day may hinder the salvation of both Bhishma Pitamaha's soul and that of one's ancestors. Devotees often complete their rituals by offering Tarpana after purifying themselves with a bath in a holy river.

Bhishma Ashtami 2024: Observance

Devotees typically observe Bhishma Ashtami by:

  • Waking up early and taking a bath.
  • Performing puja, offering prayers to Bhishma and their ancestors.
  • Observing a day-long fast.
  • Reading or listening to the stories of Bhishma.
  • Performing tarpan and offering sesame seeds to ancestors.

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