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Hindi Journalism Day 2024: Know date, history, significance and more

Every year on May 30th, India celebrates Hindi Journalism Day. This day holds immense significance as it commemorates the publication of the first-ever Hindi newspaper, "Udant Martand," on May 30, 1826.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Published on: May 30, 2024 7:10 IST
Hindi Journalism Day 2024
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Hindi Journalism Day 2024: Know date, history, significance and more

Hindi Journalism Day is observed annually on May 30 in India. This day honors the launch of the first Hindi newspaper, 'Udant Martand', which debuted on May 30, 1826. This newspaper was instrumental in raising awareness about the country's freedom struggle. At that time, Hindi was the primary medium of communication in India, and 'Udant Martand' played a crucial role in disseminating information across the nation. Vernacular journalism has been pivotal in enabling people to understand current events in their native language, ensuring that information reached every household in the country. Each year, Hindi Journalism Day celebrates the inception of Hindi journalism, which has enabled people across India to access reliable information in their mother tongue.

Hindi Journalism Day 2024: Date

Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated annually on May 30th. This date marks a significant milestone in the history of Indian journalism, serving as a reminder of the contributions of Hindi journalism to the nation's socio-political and cultural fabric.

Hindi Journalism Day 2024: History

The origins of Hindi Journalism Day trace back to May 30, 1826, when the first Hindi newspaper, 'Udant Martand' (The Rising Sun), was published. The newspaper was founded by Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla, who is often revered as the father of Hindi journalism. 'Udant Martand' was a weekly publication that played a pivotal role in disseminating information and ideas to the Hindi-speaking population of India during the colonial period.

Despite its short-lived existence, due to financial constraints and logistical challenges, 'Udant Martand' set a precedent for future Hindi publications. It symbolized the beginning of a new era in Indian journalism, where the native language was used to reach and inform the masses, fostering a sense of unity and national identity among Hindi speakers.

Hindi Journalism Day 2024: Significance

Hindi journalism delivered news to those who did not understand English, providing access to information and enabling people to form informed opinions. This day honours journalists in Hindi journalism who contribute to the dissemination of accurate information. It also serves as a reminder of the challenges that journalists encounter, such as censorship, biased reporting, and threats to their safety. This day is celebrated to honour the pioneers of Hindi journalism in India, including Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Pt. Rambhuj Dutt Chaudhary, and Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi. These leaders were instrumental in promoting Hindi as a medium of communication and empowering the masses by disseminating information.


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