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Restaurants, spas may open in Maharashtra with 40-50% capacity, how to keep yourself safe while dining out

As restaurants and spas gear up to reopen, it is very important to take the precautionary measures to ensure your safety from the novel coronavirus. Here are a few health tips and rules you should keep in mind before dining out.

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New Delhi Updated on: July 02, 2020 14:45 IST
How to keep yourself safe while dining out
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How to keep yourself safe while dining out

It has been more than three months that the country is facing lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. From restaurants, spas, movie theaters to malls, all public places were shut down to contain the spread of COVID19 infection. With Unlock 1.0, the government has given relaxation on many restrictions in order to get back to normal life. Movie theaters have been gearing up to get back into action after taking all the necessary precautions for the safety of the customers. Now, Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope has said that restaurants and spas may open in Maharashtra with 40-50% capacity.

There is no denying that people have been waiting to break out of their homes and start enjoying their lives by going out with friends and family. Months of lockdown have taken a toll on many, however, the situation out there still not allows anyone to get careless about the infection. Coronavirus cases have been increasing rapidly. To keep yourself protected, it is important to take precautionary measures and follow the government's safety guidelines. 

How to keep yourself safe while dining out-

  1. Don't forget: Social Distancing is a must. The most effective way to keep yourself protected from the deadly virus is to maintain social distance. Even if you plan to go out for dinner, don't go in crowds.
  2. Sanitize: Keep sanitizing your hands after every half an hour. Once you decided to go out for dinner, ensure that the restaurant is following all the safety guidelines and is sanitized properly.
  3. The chefs and waiters should have their masks and gloves on. If needed, you can ask the manager to take you to the restaurant's kitchen so that you can ensure that the food is being cooked keeping in mind hygiene and safety.
  4. Never wash hands with soap when you are out. Always use a liquid handwash. You get more prone to getting infected if you are using a soap that has been used by many other people.
  5. Order safe dishes. It is said that the virus cannot grow in food but it can definitely stay on food. Also, research has claimed that the virus becomes inactive at a very high temperature. So it is better to order food that has been cooked on fire rather than eating dishes made of raw fruits or vegetables like salads.
  6. Use the restroom in an emergency. Anu public place is not completely safe as yet because you don't know who is following the precautions and who is not. It is better to use the restroom only if urgently required. 
  7. Try not to touch the staircases, doors, chairs, menus and tables unnecessarily.

India Tv - How to keep yourself safe while dining out


How to keep yourself safe while dining out

Just like while dining out one needs to take care of safety guidelines, visiting a spa needs special care as well. Other than maintaining social distancing and proper sanitization, you need to ensure that the particular spa you will be visiting is following all the necessary guidelines. While wearing a mask and gloves is essential for the staff, PPE kits are equally important. It is advised to book an appointment prior to visiting the spa so that there is no one except you there.

Also, make sure you take along minimal belonging as it will minimize the chance of the virus to stay on you. 

India Tv - How to stay protected while visiting a spa


How to stay protected while visiting a spa

Most importantly, boost your immunity. Make sure that your body is well equipped to battle the virus even if it enters your body. Eat fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and consume herbs like tulsi, ashwagandha, giloy and neem.



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