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5 benefits of drinking Amla Juice on an empty stomach

Amla juice is a natural elixir that aligns with contemporary wellness goals, offering a refreshing and nutritious start to each day.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush New Delhi Published on: December 15, 2023 8:30 IST
Amla juice in a glass
Image Source : GOOGLE 5 benefits of drinking Amla Juice on an empty stomach

Amla juice is extracted from the fruit of the Indian gooseberry, scientifically termed Phyllanthus emblica. This petite, green fruit is brimming with vital nutrients, encompassing vitamin C, antioxidants, and diverse minerals. While this fruit finds its way into candies and pickles, a prevalent method of reaping its benefits involves consuming its juice. The process involves crushing or blending fresh amla, frequently diluted with water to create a pleasing and invigorating beverage. While individuals partake in this juice for its health advantages, it's noteworthy that drinking it on an empty stomach is deemed more efficacious. Let’s find out the benefits of drinking amla juice on an empty stomach.

Balances acidity levels:

Despite its acidic taste, amla juice has an alkaline effect on the body. Consuming it on an empty stomach may help in balancing acidity levels, reducing acidity-related issues and promoting a more alkaline environment in the digestive system.

Glowing skin and healthy hair:
The antioxidants present in amla play a crucial role in skin health. Regular consumption of amla juice is associated with a radiant complexion and can aid in the prevention of skin-related issues. Additionally, the vitamin C content supports collagen production, promoting healthy hair and preventing premature greying.

Rich souce of Vitamin-C:
Amla stands out for its exceptional Vitamin C content. Consuming amla juice on an empty stomach provides a powerful morning boost, enhancing the body's immune system and aiding in the fight against infections.

Detoxification and weight management:
Amla is a natural detoxifier, helping to flush out toxins from the body. Starting the day with amla juice can support liver function and contribute to a more effective detoxification process. Additionally, it is believed to help in weight management by promoting metabolism and reducing fat accumulation.

Good for heart health:
Amla is known to have a positive effect on heart health. It helps in reducing cholesterol levels and supporting cardiovascular function. Consuming amla juice on an empty stomach may contribute to maintaining a healthy heart.


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