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World AIDS Day 2021: Theme, History, Significance, Prevention, Causes, Myths and misconceptions

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared December 1 as World AIDS Day in 1988. Over 36 million lives have been lost to HIV or AIDS-related diseases so far, and an estimated 37.7 million individuals are suffering from it, at the end of 2020. World AIDS Day 2021: From causes, prevention to treatment, here's everything you should know about HIV AIDS.

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New Delhi Published on: December 01, 2021 8:03 IST
World AIDS Day 2021
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World AIDS Day 2021: Theme, History, Significance, Prevention, Causes, Myths and misconceptions


  • December 1 is observed as World AIDS Day across the world
  • The theme of World AIDS Day 2021 is 'End inequalities. End AIDS.'
  • A red ribbon is used to depict HIV AIDS. It is an awareness ribbon used as a symbol of solidarity

World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1 December worldwide. Its purpose is to make people aware of Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and what leads to it. The spread of Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection (HIV) leads to AIDS which attacks the immune system of a person. It is a serious disease in which the ability of humans to fight infections is adversely affected. Every year, World AIDS Day is celebrated by keeping in mind a theme. The Theme of Worlds Aids Day 2021 is "End inequalities. End AIDS". Every year, United Nations agencies, governments and civil society join together to campaign around specific themes related to HIV to educate people on AIDS prevention and control. 

The day also acknowledges the achievements and global efforts to deal with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. 

When did World AIDS Day begin?

World AIDS Day was first conceived in 1988 in the month of August by Thomas Netter and James W. Bann. Thomas Netter and James W. Bann were both public information officers for the AIDS Global Program of the World Health Organization Geneva, Switzerland. He conveyed his idea of ​​AIDS Day to Dr. Johnathan Mann (Director of AIDS Global Program), who approved the idea and celebrated it on December 1 in 1988 as World AIDS Day. They decided to dedicate this date every year as World AIDS Day.

How does the HIV virus spread? Causes

A pregnant woman can have this infection from her children. This infection can also happen to the baby through breastfeeding

HIV virus can also be spread by transfusing infected blood or using infected needles.

The HIV-infected person also has the highest risk of infection from a donated organ

There are many reasons for the spread of this virus. One of the biggest reasons is having unprotected sex with an HIV-infected person.

How to avoid HIV virus? Prevention or Precautions 

Before applying any vaccine or injection, make sure the syringe is brand new. So that the risk of spreading the infection is negligible

Avoid connecting with more than one person. This makes you at higher risk of getting HIV

Have safe sex

Before taking blood from anyone, check whether it is safe or not

Always use a new blade while shaving.



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