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Winter Makeup Trends: Embrace bold colours and nourishing formulas

These are the top and trendy winter makeup, using which you can envelop your skin in the caress of nourishing ingredients. From moisturizing foundations that blossom your complexion to lip colours infused with hydrating elixirs, let your makeup be a celebration of boldness and self-love.

Kristina Das Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: November 27, 2023 11:18 IST
winter makeup trends
Image Source : FREEPIK Embrace bold colours and nourishing formulas this winter.

The sweater season is here! A time when hands stay frosty and skin stays dry all the time and as winter wraps nature in its icy embrace, here are some amazing winter makeup trends by Muskan Jain The Brand Manager at MARS Cosmetics, that will keep your cheeks rosy, and eyes snow-kissed, and lips pained in twilight hues. Let your makeup be the winter elegance where the magic of this season meets the artistry of makeup.  

Mesmerizing Winter Canvas

As the winter season is on its way use your eyeshadow palette like your artistic partner. Using an eyeshadow palette is perfect for this season as it gives you the liberty to create a variety of eye styles. It also offers a seamless fusion of matte and shimmer texture with a single swipe, expressing this season's striking beauty. An eyeshadow palette can transform your gaze into a mesmerizing picture, making you effortlessly transition from a soft day look to a dramatic evening allure.

Blend Warmth in Every Layer 

A liquid or a creamy foundation can be an ideal choice for winter as this season tends to give a constant dryness to our skin. A liquid foundation helps moisturize your skin and provides a hydrating touch to your complexion. It leaves your skin glowing and easily fits into this season's cosmetic look. It ensures easy blending and wraps you in a nurturing comfort, perfect for dry to normal skin types. You can also use it on oily skin with an undertone of loose powder. Enjoy a dewy finish and sheer to medium coverage that captures the spirit of winter's charm. 

Everyday Glam with Enchanting Tints

This winter, wrap your lips with a hydrating lip balm that will embrace the rich essence of this season. A lip balm is enriched to nourish and repair dry, chapped lips, making it a winter essential for enhancing the beauty of your smile. The intense treatment offers hydration, revealing plumped lips perfect for this season. It helps you to enhance your everyday makeup look with a tint-like finish that will let your lips reflect the beauty of a winter wonderland and every coat of lip balm can be a celebration of snowfall chic, capturing the beauty of the season on your lips.

Natural Sparkle, Ethereal Glow

Transform your winter beauty routine into a captivating spectacle with the enchanting radiance of a highlighter. A highlighter gives a captivating and shimmering effect on your skin, making you glow like a frost-kissed snowflake. The natural sparkle of the highlighter points out those unique features of your face with a glow that resonates with the season’s style. Give a melodious touch to your winter makeup.

Winter's Alluring Charm for Your Lashes

Get yourself engaged in the charm of the Mascara. This transforming essence reveals a pair of voluminous lashes coated in an intense black embrace - indulge in the alluring attraction of winter. This mascara, embellished with a curl lock formula, creates an aura of beauty, providing both length and voluminous richness that tells of the season's magic. It also offers a fake lash effect without any hassle. 

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